The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3160

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3160-Silvester and Helvius stood solemnly on the ruins of the Elixir Pavilion.

They were not worried that the Elixir Pavilion’s base was destroyed. Instead, they were anxious because the Sanctuary of Darkness rescued their captive members. Every one of them was extremely capable compared to cultivators outside.

If they combined their power, no force in the Boundless Realm could stand against them.

“What should we do now, Old Master?” asked Helvius.

Silvester thought for a while and said, “At this point, we can only let them go for now. Let’s head back to Aqua Realm and reunite with James. We’ll discuss the rest later.”

“Alright.” Helvius nodded.

After the two checked on the situation in the Elixir Pavilion, they left quickly and headed back to the Aqua Realm.

James and the others waited inside the elysium they entered after breaking the formation.

Soon, Silvester and Helvius returned.

James promptly followed up with them. “How’s the situation?”

Selvius sighed and said, “The Elixir Pavilion was reduced to ruins again. Fortunately, all our disciples have escaped to a safe place.”

James said solemnly, “The Sanctuary of Darkness is tougher than we gave them credit for. Once we broke the formation here, they immediately trapped us using another formation. The person who trapped us must be one of the more powerful members.”

Selvius nodded slightly and said, “Yeah. Perhaps the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master personally involved himself.”

Melinda stood up and said, “Let’s not discuss these matters now and continue exploring this place.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

James was curious about Heaven’s Adjudicator sealed in this place.

Melinda was most likely the reincarnation of a powerhouse from the Primeval Age. Theoretically speaking, she knew the power of Heaven’s Adjudicators. However, she was able to destroy the formation sealing said being.

She seemed unafraid of the Heaven’s Adjudicator sealed here.

Under Melinda’s guidance, the group of people walked toward the beautiful scenery.

Soon, they appeared at the mouth of a river between two mountains.

The river was hundreds of meters wide, and the flowing water was crystal clear. Various strange fish and aquatic creatures could be seen swimming in the river. The creatures emitted a mysterious aura that seemed out of the ordinary.

Soon, they reached the end of the river.

They found a cave where the river flowed from.

James looked at Melinda and asked. “Is this where the Heaven’s Adjudicator is sealed?”

Melinda shrugged and said, “I’m not sure. Let’s look around.”

After she finished speaking, she stepped forward. Her body flickered, and she appeared above the mountain.

James and the others followed closely behind her,

The group stood atop the mountain. Melinda looked around and scanned the surroundings.

Then, she pointed to a mountain ahead and said, “That mountain seems important to this place. I can feel a magical power coming from under the mountain.”

After speaking, Melinda turned to Silvester and said, “You have a high cultivation rank, don’t you? Move that mountain away.”

Silvester nodded. “Alright.”

Immediately afterward, he casually waved his hand. A powerful force emerged from his palm and rushed toward the mountain.

The force immediately lifted the mountain and carried it away into the distance.

As soon as Silvester acted, the mountain was moved away.

From the crevasse, a palace appeared underground. The palace was large and black in color.

A few magical inscriptions surrounded the black palace.

“A palace?” James gasped in shock.

Melinda looked at the palace for a while and said, “The Heaven’s Adjudicator is most likely sealed in there.”

Everyone disappeared the next moment and appeared before the palace gate.


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