The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3161

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3161-The tightly shut palace gate was a hundred meters high.

On the gate was a plaque with several mysterious and ancient characters engraved.

Although James had studied Elysian characters before, he could not comprehend the engravings on the plaque.

He turned to Melinda and asked. “What do they mean?”

Melinda looked at the plaque briefly and murmured, “It reads ‘Prison Ground’.”

“W-What?” James was confused.

The others also looked at Melinda perplexedly.

Melinda tried to recall past events. After a while, she said lightly, “It’s a long story.”

James said, “We’re all ears.”

Melinda replied, “During the Primeval Age, many Heaven’s Adjudicators existed in the universe. They were ruthlessly loyal to the Heavenly Path, carrying out its orders without question.

“The humans that reached the Ancestral God Rank in the Primeval Agre wanted to destroy the Heavenly Path. To do that, they had to eliminate all Heaven’s Adjudicators before challenging the Heavenly Path.

“Unexpectedly, one Heaven’s Adjudicator refused to see living beings being tormented and falling to ruin due to the battle’s aftermath. So, they made a prison and sealed themselves within the area, swearing never to step out of the place.”

James looked at the palace ahead and asked. “Is that palace the place that Heaven’s Adjudicator set up for themselves?”

Melinda nodded and said, “Precisely. This the Prison Ground they prepared for themselves.”

After a brief thought, James asked. “The Heaven’s Ajudicator swore never to leave this place, so what will happen to them if they did so?”

“I don’t know about that,” Melinda replied as she shook her head doubtfully.

Silvester asked. “A powerful formation surrounds the palace. Is it possible to unlock it?”

Melinda sadly said, “I can’t break a formation set up by a Heaven’s Adjudicator. Unless they leave of their own volition, there is no way to reach them.”

“So did we come here for nothing?” asked James.

Melinda looked at James and replied encouragingly, “Perhaps they will leave this palace someday. We should go. Even if the Sanctuary of Darkness finds this place, they can’t get through the formation, nor will they be able to convince the Heaven’s Adjudicator to leave.”

James was disappointed.

This seemed to be within Melinda’s expectations. Yet, she went through the trouble of breaking all the 30,000 layers of the formation.

Melinda did not elaborate further. She clasped her hands and said, “We’ll meet again.”

After speaking, her body flickered and disappeared from their sight.

James and the others looked at each other puzzledly.

After a while, James said, “Since Melinda has already reassured us nothing will happen, let’s head back.”

James’ party did not linger and chose to return to the Paragon Sect.

During this period, the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master had been tailing them in secret. After James’ party left, he finally walked into the open and stood outside the palace.

He looked at the palace in a daze. Then, he suddenly kneeled on the ground.

“I’m the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master, Tadhg Gallagher. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Tadhg’s voice resounded outside the palace.

However, there was no response.

Tadhg continued to kneel on the ground and said, “My Lord, the Sanctuary of Darkness has run into a huge problem. The humans looking for the Ancestral God Rank Elixir have appeared.

“The Sanctuary of Darkness’ purpose is to destroy the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. However, that task is beyond our powers. While trying to destroy it, we only managed to split it into five parts.

“The final reckoning is about to begin. If those humans obtain the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, turn the tides in their favor. I implore you to step forth and ensure our victory.”

Tadhg’s voice resounded, but the palace remained silent.

Kneeling on the ground, he grumbled in frustration, “Why are you refusing to show yourself? Did you not seal yourself to avoid the war during the Primeval Age in anticipation of this day?”

Tadhg was bewildered.


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