The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3165

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3165-Nico shook his head, expressing that he did not know.

Since Nico did not know about the Dark World, James did not ask any further questions, and said, “Alright. Let’s go check out the Azure Realm.”

The two walked through the black mist and entered the Azure Realm.

Soon, they landed on the ground.

The sky was filled with dark clouds, and the ground was uneven. Traces of black energy oozed out of the cracks in the ground.

As soon as the energy came in contact with James’ skin, he immediately noticed its corrosive effects.

Fortunately, he had good physical strength, and was at the Divine Rank. Thus, the black energy was unable to cause substantial damage to his physical body.

“This is very bizzare.”

Nico also noticed the unusual black energy and said, “This black energy is corrosive.”

“Be careful.”

James reminded Nico, then began to advance.

While advancing, James contacted Emperor Jabari.

“How’s your condition now, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “In the previous battle, I exerted all my strength to seriously injure that Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor. I’m still in a weakened state.”

James inquired, “Are you capable of executing a divining formation? I’m going to start looking for materials needed to reform your body, but I haven’t a clue where to begin my search.”

Emperor Jabari replied, “Sadly, I can’t. I’m very weak and barely have any strength in me. Unless you can find a divine object that can restore my Soul Power, I’m powerless.”

James made a mental note.

To find the materials needed for Emperor Jabari’s resurrection, he would first need to find something to restore his Soul Power.

James and Nico continued to wander the desolate planet.

Soon, they stumbled upon a city.

Although many ages have passed, the city was relatively well preserved.

The city walls still stood tall and proud.

The two walked into the city.


A cold wind blew toward them as soon as they entered the city.

James shivered inadvertently.


Nico immediately called out, teleported in front of James, and thrust his palm forward.

His palm attack struck a blurry shadow. It screeched in pain, then disappeared.

Cold sweat ran down James’ back.

He felt fortunate thaat Nico was accompanying him. Otherwise, he would have met a miserable end.

After driving away the assailant, Nico stared at the shadow that dispersed into black mist.

Nico said solemnly, “That was an evil spirit. It was at least at the Grand Emperor Rank.”

“Thanks a bunch, Nico.”

Nico smiled and said, “You’re too kind, James. The evil spirit couldn’t have hurt you even if I stood by idly. It was presumptuous for me to interfere.”

James looked at him embarrassedly.

He felt the need to tell Nico the truth about his strength.

It he kept quiet, Nico would not come to his rescue if he were to face danger again. This would greatly impede his journey through the realms.


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