The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3173

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3173-Nico shook his head. “I don’t know either. I thought I was well-versed in this universe. However, after coming here, I now know there’s still a lot more for me to learn.”

“No way!!!”

Suddenly, a voice exclaimed from inside the Celestial Abode.

Immediately afterward, James’ ring emitted a white glow, and a silhouette appeared.

The silhouette was Emperor Jabari’s remnant soul.

Emperor Jabari walked straight ahead. He stood before the hall and stared at the wall.

James stood up and asked, “Why did you come out, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari did not respond.

Nico also stood up, looked at the blurry silhouette in front of him curiously, and thought, ‘Is this the powerhouse in James’ Celestial Abode?’

James walked over and followed Emperor Jabari’s gaze.

He looked at the strange patterns and characters on the wall. The engravings were unique and incomprehensible.

“What are you looking at, Emperor Jabari?” asked James.

Emperor Jabari remained silent and stood in place observing the wall.

James also turned to the wall again.

The engravings were very complicated, and he could not understand them.

After scrutinizing them for a while, James identified a pattern.

One of them was a drawing of a Guqin. In a trance, James saw the engravings on the wall changing. Apart from the Guqin, the other engravings gradually disappeared.

James could only see a Guqin on the wall.

Shortly after, a woman appeared.

The woman wore a green dress and had long, black hair. She sat in a lotus position on the ground with a Guqin on her knees.

James heard the beautiful melody of the Guqin resound in his ears.

He tried to see the woman’s face but could not no matter how hard he tried. The more he tried to see her face, the more blurry it grew.

Slowly, the woman’s body also became blurred.

Eventually, she disappeared and returned to the Guqin on the wall. The other strange engravings on the wall also reappeared.

James returned to his senses.

He stared at the wall, but it did not change. He scratched his head and murmured, “What happened?”

“It’s her. It’s really her.”

James heard Emperor Jabari mumbling.

He turned to Emperor Jabari and asked, “Who are you talking about, Emperor Jabari? Who was she? What did you decipher from the engravings?”

Emperor Jabari took a deep breath.

“In the past, I traveled all over the universe and ventured to countless ruins to find a woman. But I never found her even after adventuring to every corner of the universe. I wasn’t expecting to find her traces here.”

Hearing this, James immediately understood who Emperor Jabari was talking about.

It was Yukia Dearnaley.

Yukia was a mysterious woman.

Back when Emperor Jabari was still an ordinary person, he met Yukia.

Yukia taught Emperor Jabari and helped him with his cultivation.

However, Emperor Jabari had no idea what Yukia looked like.

Yukia had never shown her actual appearance to him.

James scratched his head puzzledly and said, “That can’t be right, Emperor Jabari. We’re in the Boundless Realm, which was sealed in the Primeval Age. You’re a cultivator from another planet and were born in the early phase of the Primordial Age. How could she have been here?”

Emperor Jabari shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. But I’m sure it’s her. She must’ve been here before.”


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