The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3174

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3174-Just by the Guqin engraved on the wall, Emperor Jabari knew Yukia must have been to this place.

He did not know Yukia’s real name.

He had asked for her name in the past, but she refused to tell him.

James asked, “What’s written on the wall, Emperor Jabari? Why are you so sure she’d been here before?”

Emperor Jabari shook his head and said, “I’m not sure yet. The Ancestral Script is really profound, and even I can’t understand it instantly despite having learned it before. The only way to understand it is by stepping into the Ancestral God Rank.”

Since Emperor Jabari could not figure it out, James put the topic aside.

He scanned the surroundings.

Apart from the gate, there were no other passages. Then, he asked, “Emperor Jabari, you mentioned there being a material here that you could use to reform your body, right? Where is it?”

“There’s no rush. Let me study these engravings for a while.”

After replying to James, Emperor Jabari fell silent.

James waited in the hall patiently.

Standing aside, Nico did not ask questions and silently looked around the hall. He would love to understand the Ancestral Scripts engraved on the walls, but he was only a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor and could not comprehend the words.

Nico looked at Emperor Jabari’s blurred silhouette and turned to James, asking, “James, what’s this powerhouse’s background?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “I’m not exactly sure of all the details either. I only know that he used to be a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. When he was trying to reach the Ancestral God Rank, he was attacked by the Heavenly Path. Fortunately, he’d prepared for his death in advance and saved a fraction of his soul. Otherwise, he would’ve been long gone.”

Nico gave a thumbs up. “That’s amazing.”

He was a Grand Emperor and understood how hard it was to advance further in the Grand Emperor Rank.

Because of the difficulty, there existed many Grand Emperors who were only in the First or Second Heaven. Only a few could go beyond the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.

James and Nico waited patiently in the hall while Emperor Jabari inspected the place.

They were not able to regain their sense of time in the palace as well. It felt as if a long time had passed, but also as if only a few seconds had passed.

At that moment, Emperor Jabari walked over to the wall. He wanted to touch the Guqin carved on the wall, but he did not have a physical body and could not make contact with the wall.

He called out, “James.”


James quickly reacted and walked over. Standing beside Emperor Jabari, he asked, “What do you need?”

Emperor Jabari pointed at the Guqin on the wall and said, “Try to exert your energy to see if you can stimulate the Guqin. I’d like to verify my thoughts.”


James immediately followed his instructions. He raised his hand and exerted his force toward the Guqin.

James’ energy submerged into the Guqin, and a miraculous sight took place.

The Guqin seemed to have come alive as James’ energy submerged into the wall. It slowly emerged from the wall and appeared in front of James.

Seeing this, Emperor Jabari said tremblingly, “It’s her! It’s really her.”

James was confused.


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