The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3175

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3175-James looked at the Guqin floating before him. It looked very old and worn out.

The Guqin had many strings, and each was of a different color.

James noticed the Law of Heaven and inscriptions on the Guqin.

“James, let me borrow your body.”

After Emperor Jabari finished speaking, his silhouette disappeared. The next moment, he returned to the Celestial Abode and used his energy to control James’ body.

Meanwhile, James lost control of his body.

Emperor Jabari controlled James’ body to sit in a lotus position. With a wave of the hand, several mysterious inscriptions emerged from his palm. Stimulated by the inscriptions, the Guqin floated toward James’ body and landed in his lap.

Emperor Jabari used James’ body to caress the Guqin. After a while, he gently plucked the strings.

The melodious sound of the Guqin resounded throughout the hall.

Mysterious inscriptions formed from the Guqin’s strings and submerged into the surrounding walls.

Suddenly, the engravings on the wall began to change rapidly.

James was dumbfounded by the sight.

Even Nico was puzzled and kept observing the changing surroundings.

The engravings kept changing, and some of them gradually disappeared.

James’ expression became solemn as he watched the scene unfolding before him.

He seemed to have figured out something from the walls.


A string snapped, and a rattling sound resounded from the Guqin.

Throughout all this, James had no control over his body, and he had no clue what Emperor Jabari had learned from the engravings on the wall.

Suddenly, he felt freed from the control and immediately stood up. Then, he questioned, “How did it go, Emperor Jabari?”

Emperor Jabari’s voice came from the Celestial Abode. “There wasn’t much information, but I found a secret door in the wall ahead of us. The material I need to reform my body is in there.”

James turned to the wall and inspected it.

The mysterious engravings had vanished, and nothing was left on the wall. James walked closer to the wall.


Emperor Jabari called out and said, “Pick up the Guqin and store it away first.”

James turned around and saw the Guqin with a snapped string on the ground. He walked over and stored it in the Celestial Abode without hesitation.

Then, James walked toward the stone wall and inspected it. Soon, he found the secret door. With a light push, the door swung open.

A warehouse was hidden behind the door.

There were all kinds of miraculous materials stored in the warehouse. James was surprised to find that all of the materials were precisely what Emperor Jabari needed to reform his body.

James was perplexed.

“Th-This is a lot of materials. It has the remaining materials you need. Does this mean you don’t need any other materials, Emperor Jabari?”

“Yeah.” Emperor Jabari’s voice came from the Celestial Abode.

“Yukia predicted my death and that a fraction of my soul would survive. She knew I would come here someday and prepared these materials for my resurrection.”

James was stunned.

“What exactly is Yukia’s origin? She’s amazing. How could she have predicted your death? Besides, she met you somewhere else in the universe. We came to this palace from the Boundless Realm. Could she be capable of passing through the Boundless Realm’s seal?”

However, Emperor Jabari did not say much.

“Store the materials away first. After I restore my Soul Power, I’ll figure out how to reform my body and come back to life.”


James did not hesitate and quickly stored the materials in his Celestial Abode.

At the same time, Emperor Jabari said, “Yukia has left a cultivation method here. It’s a cultivation method that living beings from outside the Dark World can use. It will allow you to absorb the power of the Dark World. I’ve already comprehended it just now. After we leave this palace, I’ll teach you so that you can travel freely around the Dark World.”


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