The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3176

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3176-“Really?”

James was thrilled.

Previously, Emperor Jabari said it would take him some time.

Surprisingly, he had learned a cultivation method from the Ancestral Scripts on the wall.

Emperor Jabari’s voice came from the Celestial Abode again. “Mhm. Yukia specifically left behind the Guqin. She’s also the one who left the engravings on the wall, including the cultivation method.”

James asked, “Then, what should we do next?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “This palace is made of the Law of Heaven. Now that the Ancestral Scripts have disappeared, the palace will soon be gone. It’s best to leave as soon as possible.”

After Emperor Jabari finished his sentences, the surroundings began to disperse into sparks of light.

The walls began to disintegrate rapidly, and the palace disappeared from sight.

The sparks of light also gradually vanished into the darkness.

The area returned to pitch black.

“What happened?” Nico was shocked by the sudden events.

James explained, “The palace was formed by the Law of Heaven. The Ancestral Scripts supporting it disappeared, so the palace ceased to exist.”

Then, James also told Nico about Emperor Jabari controlling his body and discovering some information from the Ancestral Scripts, including the cultivation method.

Nico asked, “Then, what’s next?”

“We rest here.”

James sat in a lotus position.

He could only wait for Emperor Jabari to teach him the cultivation method he could use while in the Dark World. Then, Emperor Jabari would have to recover his Soul Power.

Meanwhile, inside the Celestial Abode, Emperor Jabari wore a sorrowful expression.

He stood in a courtyard and looked into the distance with a sad expression. It was hard to tell what was on his mind.


After a while, he sighed.

Then, he casually waved his hand, and mysterious inscriptions emerged from his palm. The inscriptions flowed out from the Celestial Abode and entered James’ mind.

At that moment, James received a vast amount of information.

He sat in a lotus position and accepted the information.

After a long time, James received the complete information.


James took a deep breath and murmured, “It’s impossible for a living being with a physical body to cultivate in the Dark World. However, this mysterious Yukia created a method.”

Since it would take a while for Emperor Jabari to recover his Soul Power, James planned to use the time to comprehend the cultivation method he had just received from Emperor Jabari.

The cultivation method was called Dark Scripture, created by Yukia.

However, the cultivation method was imperfect. It only explained how to absorb the Dark Power from the Dark World.

James did not know to what extent the Dark Scripture could be practiced because there were no detailed records of it.

Sitting in a lotus position, James began to meditate.

Without a sense of time, there was no knowing how much time had passed.

Suddenly, he raised his hand.

He spread out his arms, then relaxed his body.

James began to use the cultivation method to integrate Soul Power into his physical body.

That was the first step in cultivating Dark Power.

Dark Power was only suitable for souls to cultivate. A living being with a physical body could not cultivate such power.

Therefore, the first step in using the cultivation method was integrating Soul Power into his physical body.


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