The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3177

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3177-One’s soul and body were separate existences.

The body was merely the carrier of the soul.

Under normal circumstances, souls were to disappear after leaving the physical body.

However, a powerful soul could be preserved after the destruction of the body. As long as there was a physical body to carry the soul, one could be easily resurrected.

After practicing the Dark Scripture, James would have to integrate Soul Power into his physical body. In the future, his soul would also be damaged if his physical body were to sustain injury.

This was the disadvantage of practicing the Dark Scripture.

Despite the one downside, there were many benefits.

After practicing the Dark Scripture, James could cultivate Dark Power and could roam freely in the Dark World. He would no longer have to be afraid of the corroding effect of Dark Power.

Powers from the Illuminated World were feeble in the Dark World. However, forces from the Dark World were terrifyingly strong in the Illuminated World.

Dark Power was much more horrifying than Curse Power.

James could sense that Dark Power was somewhat similar to Curse Power. Therefore, he suspected Curse Magic was a Secret Art that originated from the Dark World.

James spread out his arms and relaxed his mind.

At that moment, his soul began to shred apart.

Even he could not bear the excruciating pain of tearing his soul apart. His face distorted from the pain, and he growled.

Nico watched from aside. Seeing James in such severe pain, he could not help reminding him, “If you can’t bear it, just give up, James.”

However, James gritted his teeth and persisted.

He forcibly split his soul and integrated a portion of it into his physical body.

Separating just a little of his soul was painful enough to make him sweat profusely.

James raised his hand and wiped the sweat off his face.

“I don’t know how long we’ll be in the Dark World. If I don’t cultivate Dark Power, my physical body might not make it.”

He took a deep breath.

After recomposing himself, James continued to split his soul apart.

Without practice, forcibly tearing one’s soul could be very damaging.

However, James’ soul was not harmed because he used the cultivation method left behind by Yukia to separate and merge his soul into his body.

In the future, improving his physical strength would increase his Soul Power.

There were many benefits from fusing his soul into his physical body.


James’ painful growls resounded in the Dark World.

Despite the pain, James continued to split his soul.

The passage of time was undetectable in the Dark World. Thus, James had no idea how many years had passed.

In the past few years, he had been forcibly tearing his soul and fusing it into his physical body bit by bit.

James fell feebly to the ground when the last trace of soul merged with his physical body.

However, he chuckled happily.

“I did it. I succeeded.”

He got back up from the ground and stretched his body.

James could feel the powerful Soul Power inside his body, and his body showed no abnormalities.

“Congratulations, James.”

Nico quickly congratulated him, saying, “You’ve succeeded in the first step.”


James chuckled and said, “After enduring so much pain, I’ve finally completed the first step. The following steps will be much simpler. As long as I practice according to the cultivation method and improve my Dark Power, I might be able to cultivate a Dark Ousia.

“It’ll be my tenth Ousia. If I succeed, my achievements will be unprecedented and will break the universe’s record!”

“I’m looking forward to that day.” Nico also anticipated James’ success.

He also wanted to know if someone could break the universe’s record and cultivate a tenth Ousia.

James stopped talking and resumed sitting in a lotus position. Then, he began to practice the cultivation method.

At that moment, power materialized out of the black mist from the surroundings. The power entered James’ body through his pores. After the power was refined, they formed a brand new power.


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