The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3179

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3179-“Or is it possible that there’s a cultivation method that allows me to form a Dark Ousia that I haven’t obtained?”

James fell into deep thought but could not figure out what had happened.

Unable to get to the bottom of it, James put the problem away for now. His purpose of cultivating Dark Power was to prevent his physical body from being destroyed. The Dark Power in his body was strong enough to prevent his body from being destroyed while in the Dark World.

After returning to his senses, James turned to Nico and said, “I-I’m fine.”

Nico stared at James.

Although powers from the Illuminated World would weaken in the Dark World, Nico was still a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor. Even though his strength was weakened, he was still a powerhouse.

His Divine Senses could detect the Dark Power that was formed in James’ body.

Nico could sense that James’ Dark Power was close to reaching the Divine Rank and that he was close to forming an Ousia.

“Is there no other way to form an Ousia?” asked Nico.

James shook his head slightly and said, “The Dark Scripture that Emperor Jabari passed on to me only has records of how to absorb Dark Power. It doesn’t have anything related to forming a Dark Ousia.”

Nico thought for a while and said, “I’m sure it’s not going to be much different from the Illuminated World’s techniques. Despite being different worlds, the essence of cultivation is the same. You could try doing it with the same technique from the Illuminated World.”

“Alright. I’ll give it a try.” James nodded.

James sat in a lotus position and performed the cultivation method again. The Dark Power began surging through his body’s meridians. James felt a severe pain permeating his body as soon as the Dark Power started to move.

The Dark Power caused discomfort in his physical body and soul.

James felt as if the Dark Power was an incompatible force with his body and soul.

He rolled on the ground in pain. His meridians were severed, and there were slight cracks on his body.

James immediately stopped cultivating and restrained his Dark Power.

Seeing James covered in blood, Nico asked, “How was it?”

James shook his head and said, “It won’t work. The Dark Power in my body has already reached the point of forming an Ousia. However, my body can’t withstand the full strength of the Dark Power.”

“That shouldn’t be happening.”

Nico stroked his chin and said, “What’s the problem? Is the Dark Power not compatible with your physical body? Or is it because you’ve already cultivated nine Ousias and aren’t able to form another one?”

James shook his head. Even he could not figure out what was wrong.

Perhaps the Dark Scripture was incomplete, and he could not make the Dark Power completely compatible with his physical body.

His failure could also be due to having already cultivated nine Ousias. Despite being in the Dark World, the Dark Heavenly Path prevented living beings from developing ten Ousias and could be suppressing him. The Heavenly Path might punish or kill him if he continued his attempts.

James was unsure of what the problem was.

When he was still weak, he had tried mobilizing Dark Power. The Dark Power could flow smoothly through his body and did not cause any discomfort.

However, he was so immersed in his cultivation that he had forgotten about the passage of time and even his own existence.

If not because he failed to cultivate his Ousia and the imperfection of the Dark Scripture, he might just continue cultivating until the power reached the Emperor Rank.

The severe pain interrupted him and forced him to stop.

James sat in a lotus position but could not mobilize his power from the Illuminated World. Even when he succeeded, his power was weak, and he could heal his injuries.

Therefore, James could only rely on his body’s self-healing mechanism.

Before he knew it, his injuries had completely healed.

This time, James attempted to mobilize a small amount of Dark Power.

The small amount of Dark Power flowed through his body without hindrance.

James murmured, “It seems I can’t fully exert the Dark Power in my body.”


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