The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3191

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3191-Tadhg Gallagher nodded gently and said, “With the Blood Essence of powerful figures we’ve collected all these years, combined with the Resurrection Formation, I’m sure we can resurrect the Lord.”

The Formation that James destroyed prior to this had reappeared in this world. Numerous mysterious words floated in the air. They were as red as blood, a result of the absorption of numerous Blood Essences of powerful figures. Suddenly, the Blood Essence within the Resurrection Formation gathered, forming a pillar of blood. The pillar descended from the azure, embedding itself within a sierra.

The Leader of the Sanctuary of Darkness appeared at the core of the Formation in the sky. As his hands waved, mysterious carvings materialized. Subsequently, he took out a piece of treasure–-a magical bottle.

When he turned the bottle cap, a spirit escaped from the bottle. The spirit was nebulous, its face unclear to the naked eye.

“Go,” With a wave of Tadhg’s hand, the spirit headed toward the pillar among the mountains, fading into the distance.

At this very moment, the Resurrection Formation went berserk and operated at a maniacal speed, letting out an extremely frightening aura.

Thump! In the blink of an eye, the entire Formation shattered, causing innumerable drops of blood to pour down onto the world.

Tadhg also injured himself badly. He fell from the sky, uncontrollably spurting a mouth of blood. Taking no heed of himself, he scrambled up hastily to look at the mountains. Appearing gradually from a distance was a silhouette. As the outlines of the shadow became clearer and clearer, he made out a human-like figure with a long tail.

Once he appeared, a humongous ancestral power emerged. The power was so strong that it influenced the entire space of the area.

“Finally, I have returned,” The middle-aged man with a tail stretched his body. The edges of his lips were upturned, and he wore an uncanny smile.

“Congratulations, My Lord.”

Tadhg knelt on the ground with a respectful expression and continued, “You’re finally resurrected.“

“What year is this?” The man asked while gazing downward, his face filled with arrogance.

Tadhg replied with reverence, “To answer your question, this is the Apocalypse Age. Based on my understanding, the Heavenly Path sealed off Earth and the habitat of the Human Race many years ago. The ancient prophecy stated that the Human Race will face the Four Calamities. Now that two of them have been overcome, the third requires your help.”

Tadhg was the Leader of the Sanctuary, and the Sanctuary was created by Heaven’s Adjudicators, who represented the Heavenly Path. Although the Sanctuary could not represent the Heavenly Path, Tadhg still knew many things as the Leader.

“In addition,” he continued, “The Human Race on Earth has already sent a messenger to the Boundless Realm. They plan to look for the Ancestral God Rank Elixir left by the Ancestral Gods during the Primeval Age. I have looked into the matter. However, the messenger is so enigmatic that I can’t figure out who he is. I found out about a person called Thea Callahan and wanted to put her into use, but to no avail due to some unforeseen circumstances.”

“Very well.” The man nodded gently. He raised his hand, and some mysterious carvings materialized. The carvings gathered, forming an Extrapolation Formation. He could see many things with the Formation, including James and Thea going through the seal of the Boundless Realm. He was able to gain knowledge of some of the experiences that James had gone through in this world, as well as the fact that James had already acquired two Ancestral God Rank Elixirs.

Worry clouded his face.


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