The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3192

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3192-The Leader of the Sanctuary made his prediction, but while Thea Callahan existed in his foresight, James was absent. He also looked into Thea’s background, but she had not interacted with anyone other than James since arriving in the Boundless Realm.

He also knew that there was a mysterious powerful figure who had disrupted the plans of the Sanctuary more than once. While he suspected that James was one of them, he was not sure. James was too powerful, so much so that even Tamuuz Darkness was not his opponent. That could only mean that James has attained a rank higher than the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven. Although he was not sure if James was the messenger, he was sure that he would be one of his most challenging opponents.

The middle-aged man with a tail looked very concerned as he stood in midair. James had already found the second Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

“My Lord, what should we do now?” Tadhg asked, but the man was still concentrating on envisaging where the rest of the Elixirs were located.

He was one of Heaven’s Adjudicators in the Primeval Age. His power was immense. At his peak, his power was comparable to that of an Ancestral God. Although he was not as strong since he had just been resurrected, finding out where the Elixirs were was not a problem to him.

In the Exploration Formation, an image appeared. There was a vast sea in front of his eyes, where a gigantic monster sat. It was a whale whose body was as large as an island. He continued his extrapolation. After a while, he said, “I presume that one of the elixirs is in the Boundless Sea. There’s an enormous monster in the sea, and the Elixir lies within its body. Go to the Boundless Sea now and get it before the Human Messenger does,” the man explained the whereabouts of the elixir.

“Yes, I will head there now.” Tadhg nodded.

“I’ve just been resurrected, so my power hasn’t returned to its peak. Let me go into closed-door meditation for some time. When I’m done, I’ll perform the Curse Magic on the entire world.”

At this moment, James already entered the Celestial Abode. He handed his drawing of the Time Capsule to Emperor Jabari. The Emperor looked at it for a while before making extrapolations.

James waited beside him.

After ten minutes, Emperor Jabari stopped.

James asked, “Emperor, what did you find?”.

Emperor Jabari replied, “This area is the Boundless Sea. The monster within the Sea is a powerful figure who’s attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven. Perhaps the Ancestral God Rank Elixir fell into his body, allowing him to become such an immensely powerful figure.

“The Boundless Sea… Where is it?” James asked.

Emperor Jabari said, “The Boundless Sea isn’t a planet, but a galaxy. The entire galaxy is made of the ocean, of salt water. A magical place, it is. As for exactly where this monster is located in the Sea, I’m unable to see that. Having attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven, its rank is so powerful that it can avoid Heaven’s secret. Head to the Sea now and look for the next Elixir.”

“Yes.” James nodded.

The Emperor’s expression turned serious.

“One more thing…”

“What’s wrong?” James asked.

The Emperor said with a concerned look, “I can sense something uncanny going on. This journey to the Boundless Sea to retrieve the Elixir will be rather challenging. There may be an intense battle waiting for you.”

“With you on my side, I don’t have much to worry about,” said James.

“Go now.”


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