The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3195

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3195-Chancellor Garland turned around and entered the residence, followed by James, Thea, and Nico.

At the main hall of the residence, the Chancellor sat in his seat. His expression was filled with worry.

James asked, “What’s wrong? Is this a troublesome thing for you?”

Garland let out a sigh and said, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to share what I know. It’s just that Grand Emperor Moacir Bartholomew makes my blood run cold. No Seafolk in the entire Boundless Sea is his match, not even the Four Dragon Kings. The Grand Emperor is notoriously frightening. He single-handedly destroyed the Dragon Palace of the Northern Sea, wiping out innumerable Seafolk.”

He sighed again.

James said, “Don’t worry. Just continue.”

“Right.” Garland nodded. He went deep into thought for quite a while before saying, “Grand Emperor Moacir Bartholomew lives in the northern part of the Boundless Sea called the Northern Pole Sea. He’s the ruler of the Boundless Sea whose power could chill one’s blood to the marrow. But, this wasn’t the case many years ago. The Boundless Sea was initially ruled by the Four Dragon Kings. Yet, after Moacir rose to power, he annihilated the Dragon Palace of the Northern Sea, coercing them to buckle under him.”

James took note of Moacir’s place of stay. Cupping his fist in the other hand, he said, “Thank you for letting me know.” Once he said so, he stood up, signaling his intention to exit.

The Chancellor attempted to restrain them by asking, “My dear superiors, are you going to find trouble with Moacir?”

James merely let out a faint smile and said nothing else. The three of them left the residence. After buying a detailed map of the Boundless Sea from the island’s city, they confirmed the exact location of the northern part of the Boundless Sea before setting off.

James said to Nico, “Let’s go.”


Nico waved his hand. From his palm, a powerful force materialized, slashing open the space in front of them.

They entered the crack and disappeared along with it. At the next moment, they found themselves in the northern part of the Boundless Sea.

Nico said, “James, this is the northern part of the Boundless Sea. But it’s humongous. It would be rather difficult to find where the Grand Emperor lives.”

James replied encouragingly, “Since we’re already here, the task’s difficulty has already been reduced by a lot.” He looked around, but the area was devoid of Seafolk. Even the most common fish and crustaceans were absent.

“Let’s move further in,” James instructed the group.

Subsequently, the group advanced forward while also making observations of the area below them. Their observation speed was as quick as their advancement.

Time moved quickly. A month passed, but they had still yet to find the location of the Grand Emperor.

Another month passed again before Nico suddenly stopped and said, “Wait a minute.”

James asked, “What’s up?”

Staring ahead, Nico sharpened his senses and said, “There’s a battle ahead.”

Hearing this, James became cautious immediately. He asked, “Which direction?”

Nico pointed ahead, to which James responded, “Let’s go have a look.”

The three of them advanced quickly. Around half a day passed. Now, even Thea could sense the aura of the battle. However, James could not.


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