The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3198

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3198-In the deepest parts of the Boundless Sea, two intense battles were being fought. One was a battle between Emperor Jabari and the Leader of the Sanctuary of Darkness, Tadhg Gallagher. The other was between Grand Emperor Moacir Bartholomew and many powerful figures of the Sanctuary.

Having attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven, he was one of the top three strongest figures in the Boundless Realm. However, he was very humble, staying within the Boundless Sea and never stepping into other worlds. That was why very few knew about his existence.

At this moment when he was fighting against so many powerful figures of the Sanctuary, he was forced to return to his original form—a whale as big as an island. Moacir’s power ascended when he returned to his original form. Apart from Tamuuz Darkness, no other figure from the Sanctuary could actually harm him. The most they could do was annoy him.

Tamuuz felt pressured immediately. He held a long, black sword, swinging it from side to side. Each swing produced a sword light that carried the Supreme Wheel of the Path.

These invincible sword lights continually fell on Moacir. Although he had an unrivaled physical body, attacks like this still felt unbearable. Injuries surfaced on his humongous body.

Tamuuz appeared in the sky. With a flip of the palm, a scary palmprint fell. The print continuously expanded, like a world was crashing down on Moacir. His enormous body was crushed, falling into the waters.

The vast sea was split in half immediately. One could see the sea floor in that instant. Moacir who fell to the sea bed was infuriated. His giant body was hurled outward in a split second, causing the seawater to boil up and condense, forming a world of water that was charging toward Tamuuz.

Tamuuz held his Imperial Weapon and swung it vigorously. Frightening sword light materialized like waves, cutting apart this world of water.

The battle was extremely intense. Now that James has acquired the Spirit Tool’s power that stimulated his physical body and activated his internal energies, his physical strength had now reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. With the help of the Spirit Tool, his own power was comparable to that of a Grand Emperor.


Purple light flashed, and a weapon of the Ancestral God Rank—the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword—appeared in his hand. He looked at the enthusiastic Nico beside him and said, “Nico, I’ll leave Jadranka to you. Leave the rest of the powerful figures of the Sanctuary to me.”

James had been observing for quite a while now. The most powerful among them was most likely Tamuuz. Now that Tamuuz was occupied, what was left was Jadranka, who had attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. The fight would not be short if James were to go against her. Now, the fastest way to end the battle was to deal with the rest of the powerful figures.

James could sense that even the weakest of them all had reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven. It looked like the Sanctuary of Darkness really did dispatch the strongest forces among them for the Elixir.

Nico assured James, “No problem. Leave it to me.” Then, he flew away immediately.

“Honey, be careful,” Thea reminded James and took a few steps back immediately.

James was holding the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. After he had successfully cultivated the Sword Path Ousia, his comprehension of the Sword Path reached even greater heights. The Sword in his hand could reciprocate much more powerful forces than before.

Even if his own strength reached a mere Grand Emperor Rank’s First Heaven, the power of the Sword helped buttress his power, allowing him to win a battle against a figure at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Third Heaven. In addition, his physical strength was comparable to that of a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven.

In the battle, nobody was his opponent apart from Tamuuz and Jadranka. His desire for war escalated, and he charged with his Sword. He took one step and appeared on the battlefield, standing before a powerful figure at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven.

This man was an elder who was thin and frail. His face was wrinkly, and his bones were visible to the naked eye. However, his gaze could make one’s flesh crawl. He glanced at James immediately upon sensing his arrival, and an incessant amount of power swept toward James.


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