The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3200

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3200-Tadhg Gallagher, Leader of the Sanctuary of Darkness, was at the peak of the Eighth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank. He seldom made a move in public for he was near invincible in the Boundless Realm. Even during the previous assault on the Pavilion, he did not intervene. As such, Tamuuz could not believe that someone would be able to overwhelm Tadhg in the Boundless Realm.

While he was distracted, Moacir counterattacked and injured him. Fearful of letting his guard down again, he summoned his full strength and focused on fighting.

James summoned the 108 Infinity Steles and overwhelmed all his foes, who hurriedly dodged the attacks. Then, they swiftly gathered and attacked James all at once.

“Very good!”

James laughed.

As his mind stirred, the Five Elements of Genesis materialized from within his body, and the five treasures that had existed since the creation of heaven and earth exuded immense power. The power of the Five Elements gathered and interwoven with each other, forming a huge wheel. The moment the huge wheel emerged, a devastating power burst forth. Under the destruction of this power, cracks began to appear in the void. This scene stunned the Fourth Heaven Grand Emperors, who dared not approach.

James seized this opportunity and stirred his mind, and the huge Elemental Wheel charged toward Tamuuz.

Tamuuz was in the midst of a fierce battle against Moacir when the Elemental Wheel charged at him. By the time he tried to dodge, he was too late.

Raising the black Imperial Weapon in his hand, he slashed the Elemental Wheel ferociously. Though the terrifying power struck the Elemental Wheel, he could not deal any damage to the wheel. Rather, he was sent flying by the powerful force.

At that moment, the Elemental Wheel pursued him. As this was a fusion of five terrifying powers, even Tamuuz did not dare let his guard down.

He hurriedly dodged the attack. At that moment, the void he was in a moment ago was crushed by the Elemental Wheel, and a black hole appeared.

Once James intervened, Moacir now had some breathing room. Upon transforming into his original form, his body flashed, and he appeared before a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor. An illusory sigil emerged and grabbed hold of the Grand Emperor, tearing him apart. Even his soul was completely annihilated. This was how terrifying a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor was. He was able to annihilate a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor in an instant.


In the distance, Tadhg, who was in the midst of a fierce battle against Jabari, was sensing the battle elsewhere in the region. Seeing that one of the powerful figures of the Sanctuary was torn to pieces just like that, he was enraged. Though he wanted to charge at Moacir, he was stopped by Jabari’s unrelenting attacks.

After tearing apart a member of the Sanctuary, Moacir’s body flashed, and he appeared before James. His hair was disheveled, and he was in a wretched state. Not only that, but he was covered in injuries all over his body. As these were injuries caused by the Great Path, no ordinary power could rejuvenate them.

“Thank you, my friend.” He clasped his fists.

Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, James said, “Let’s mop everything up for now.”


As Moacir gazed at the powerful figures of the Sanctuary, his face darkened as he roared, “I have been living in seclusion all my life and have never left the Boundless Sea. Since you came here looking for trouble, don’t think about leaving this place!”

Tamuuz and the others were wearing solemn expressions.

In the distance, Tadhg was also contemplating while he fought. He knew that he would not be able to obtain the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.


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