The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3204

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3204-Failing to find the fourth elixir fragment, James and the others returned to the Elixir Realm. When they returned, however, they realized that the Sanctuary’s forces stationed outside the Elixir Realm had already retreated.

In the void outside the Elixir Realm…

James gazed into the distance. Unable to find any trace of the Sanctuary’s forces, his expression turned grim as he said, “Why did the Sanctuary retreat?”

Nico said, “Isn’t this a good thing?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “Something’s not quite right.”

Thea thought about it and said, “Don’t overthink things. Let’s return for now.”


James nodded.

Then, the three of them entered the Elixir Realm.

In the main hall of the Elixir Residence of the Pavilion’s Sky City, many powerful figures gathered. Silvester was in the lead.

James asked, “When did the Sanctuary retreat?”

Silvester said, “We have been observing them closely. They retreated a few minutes before you returned.”

“Before we returned?” Wearing a grim expression, James looked at Thea and said, “Don’t tell me that the Sanctuary has learned that the fourth fragment has transformed into a human. Did they retreat to begin their search for the young girl?”

Thea nodded and said, “It’s possible.”

Melinda asked, “How did the search for the Ancestral God Rank Elixir go?”

James narrated the events that unfolded.

“I now have the elixir fragments. As for the remaining two, one of them is in the Sanctuary’s hands, and the other has transformed into a human.”

Taking out the Time Capsule, he handed Melinda the image and said, “She’s the one we’re looking for.”

Melinda accepted the Time Capsule and scrutinized the image. Then, she returned it to James.

James looked at her and asked, “What should we do now?”

Melinda shook her head. She had no idea how to proceed.

After some contemplation, she said, “Since we can’t find them, let the Sanctuary do the hard work. We just have to seize them back from them.”

Hearing this, James furrowed his eyebrows. It would be nigh impossible for them to seize the Ancestral God Rank Elixir from the Sanctuary. However, since things had come to this, he had no other choice.

“I’m tired. I’m heading back to my room to rest.”

James turned to leave and returned to the courtyard and the accommodation that belonged to him. Sitting on a stone chair, he fell into deep thought. He was running out of time, but he was still short of two fragments of the elixir. Thus, he was worried that humankind could not overcome the Fourth Calamity. When that happened, humankind would perish at the hands of Heaven’s Adjudicators. From that day onwards, there would not be a single human left in this universe.

“What’s on your mind, James?” came a voice.

James turned around to see a woman in a white dress walking toward him. Her appearance was gorgeous, and she exuded a charismatic aura.

James shook his head slightly and said, “I-It’s nothing.”

The woman was none other than Monica. Over the past 100,000 years, she had been staying at the Elixir Pavilion, focusing wholeheartedly on cultivation. Her strength had reached the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Ninth Tribulation, thanks to Elemental Inversion given to her by James. Otherwise, she would not have reached such a rank in just a few short 100,000 years.

Monica approached him and asked, “You have a frown on your face. Something on your mind?”

“No.” James waved slightly.

Since Monica would not be able to understand anything anyway, James opted not to say anything.

“Alright, then.”


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