The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3206

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3206-Since the Third Calamity had arrived, this meant that the Fourth one was not too far off. Time was running out for James, and he had to seize the Ancestral God Rank Elixir in the Sanctuary’s possession and annihilate them as soon as possible.

James looked at Melinda and asked, “Do you have any ideas about an all-out assault on the Sanctuary?”

Melinda shook her head slightly and said, “Not at the moment.”

James looked at Silvester, who stood up and said, “Once you give the order, we’ll support you to the best of our ability.”


Hearing this, James was relieved. He looked at Silvester and said, “I need a group of powerful figures.”

Silvester asked, “How many?”

“Four hundred thousand,” James answered.

The Sanctuary was extremely powerful. To ensure his total victory, he planned to form a 400,000-strong army and cultivate the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation.

“Four hundred thousand?” Silvester furrowed his eyebrows.

James continued, “It would be great if they are all Grand Emperors.”

Silvester shook his head and said, “We don’t have that many Grand Emperors in this world. Over the past one hundred thousand years, the Pavilion has invited many powerful figures to join our ranks. However, based on my estimates, we only have at most three thousand Grand Emperors among our ranks.”

Among the 3000 Grand Emperors, most of them were in the First to Second Heaven.

“Quasi Emperors work as well,” James said.

Silvester said, “If Quasi Emperors are all you want, I should be able to assemble four hundred thousand of them, assuming that you have no preference for their sub-ranks.”

Delighted, James said, “Good. We’re running out of time. Summon four hundred thousand Quasi Emperors at once.”


Silvester did not hesitate at all and hurriedly left to summon the powerful figures that had joined the Pavilion.

After Silvester left, silence fell in the main hall. Everyone was wearing a grim expression for none of them wished to fight the Sanctuary to their deaths. If they fail, only death awaits them.

James remained silent.

Melinda stepped forward and glanced at James, saying, “I’ll be heading to the Reincarnation Pond for a while.”

James asked, “Why? Did something happen?”

Wearing a grim expression, she said, “It won’t be easy launching an all-out assault on the Sanctuary. There could be real Heaven’s Adjudicators hidden among them. Though they aren’t Ancestral Gods, they are only just slightly weaker. If Heaven’s Adjudicators truly exist among the Sanctuary, we won’t be able to win no matter how detailed and meticulous our plans are.”

She paused before saying, “I walked out of the Reincarnation Pond. During the process of reincarnation, I lost too much of my power. Even if I cultivate as hard as I can, I won’t be able to regain my peak strength. I plan to return there to see if I could find my lost power.”

Hearing this, James nodded and said, “Alright then, go.”

Melinda’s body flashed, and she disappeared without a trace.

James left the main hall too and returned to his accommodation.

Upon his return, Monica walked toward him.

“What happened, James?”

“It’s nothing.”

James did not say much. His body flashed, and he entered the Celestial Abode. At the closed-door meditation sanctuary of Emperor Jabari, James found him there.

Jabari was sitting in a lotus position, hovering a few meters above the ground. He exuded mysterious inscriptions all over his body, and he was covered in the Path’s power.

“Grand Emperor.”

James said.

Jabari stopped and looked at him, asking, “What’s wrong?”

James said, “The Third Calamity has arrived. This means that the Fourth one is just around the corner. We’re running out of time. So, I plan to launch an all-out assault on the Sanctuary and seize their fragment.”

Jabari’s expression turned grim.

An all-out assault on the Sanctuary? This was no laughing matter.


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