The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3208

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3208-On a training ground at the back of the Celestial Abode, James ordered the soldiers that were previously here to rest.

Now, a new batch of 400,00 men gathered.

James looked at them and said, “You are some of the greatest figures of all of humankind. You must have heard of the Four Calamities on Earth. Now, the Third Calamity has appeared in the form of a Curse. All humans in the universe have been cursed. In this universe, ordinary people are the majority. As they can’t endure Curse Power, they will slowly die. Of course, the same goes for some cultivators. You are powerful figures who are able to resist the Curse Power, but you cannot remove the Curse. So, first, allow me to remove it.”

James’ voice boomed.

Then, he summoned the mysterious Jade Seal, which hovered in the air. Then, he catalyzed the Jade Seal, from which mysterious power materialized.

At that moment, the Curse Power of those 400,000 men was slowly absorbed by the Jade Seal, which in turn was transported into James’ body. In the past, he would not be able to endure such an immense Curse Power. However, ever since he cultivated the Curse Ousia and reached the Divine Rank, this Curse Power was considered nourishment for the Curse Ousia. However, he did not absorb and refine them for now. As Curse Power entered and spread throughout his body, he exuded black mist and a terrifying aura. He paid no heed to the Curse Power for they would not deal much damage to his physical body.

He continued, “Perhaps some among you do not know who I am. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Caden. I come from a world beyond the Boundless Realm. I came here in search of an Ancestral God Rank Elixir, the only hope of resolving the current crisis of humankind. At the Fourth Calamity, Heaven’s Adjudicators will appear and annihilate us all. Meanwhile, upon consuming the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, I’ll obtain a power equivalent to an Ancestral God in a short period of time and annihilate the Adjudicators, thereby resolving the crisis. Countless years ago…”

James narrated the history of these events.

“Now, I have obtained three fragments of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. One of them is in the Sanctuary’s possession. That’s why we must launch an all-out assault. I have mastered a Superformation passed down from the Ancient Heavenly Court Age, and I need 400,000 men to cultivate it at the same time…”

Then, James began describing the cultivation method of the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation. This time, he described the whole thing in detail and not a simplified version. That was because their enemy this time was insanely strong.

“This is the Nine Heavens God-Annihhilating Formation. Cultivate well and try your best to comprehend.”

After he spoke, he walked to the side, sat in a lotus position, and began suppressing the Curse Power inside his body.

At the same time, while the 400,000 Quasi Emperors were cultivating the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation…

Ludwig was sitting on the throne in the main hall of the Sanctuary’s headquarters, his tail hovering before him. This tail seemed bizarre. It did not have any flesh, only bones. Vaguely, one could see threads of black aura materializing from within.

Many people were standing in the main hall—Tadhg, Tamuuz, and even the Chancellor.

“My lord.”

Tadhg knelt and said respectfully, “Our forces stationed outside the Elixir Realm have retreated and dispersed all over the world in search of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s human form. If it truly is in the Boundless Realm, we can certainly find it within three years.”

The powerful figures of the Sanctuary were spread all over the world. Now, all of them were out searching for the human form of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. If each of them searched a world, they would be able to finish searching in three years.


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