The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3209

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3209-“Very good.” Ludwig nodded and said nonchalantly, “The Third Calamity has descended, and the Fourth is just around the corner. James must be panicking now. He will certainly think of a way to seize the Ancestral God Rank Elixir in the Sanctuary’s possession. If my calculations are correct, he will launch an all-out assault on us soon.”

Hearing this, Tadhg was stunned as he asked, “My Lord, the powerful figures of the Sanctuary are out searching for the final remaining fragment. If James attacks while we’re gone, what do we do?”

Ludwig waved slightly and said, “There’s nothing to worry about. James is nothing to me. Even the figure backing him in the shadows is no match for me.”

Ludwig was confident in his strength. His strength had returned to its pinnacle, and he was only slightly weaker than an Ancestral God. In this world where Ancestral Gods no longer exist, he was invincible.

“Alright now, you’re dismissed.” He waved a hand slightly.


Tadhg and the others nodded before turning to leave.

After they left, Ludwig’s expression turned grim. Then, his body transformed into a thread of black aura before disappearing without a trace.

In an unknown location in the universe…

The scenery was picturesque, and there was a man fishing on a rock by the riverside. As a cool breeze came, the man’s body became illusory as if he was not physically present. After the breeze, his body materialized once more.

A thread of black aura approached him before gathering to form a man with a tail.

“My Lord,” Ludwig approached him and greeted him respectfully, “I have followed the wishes of the Heavenly Path and performed the Third Calamity. Every human being in this universe has now been cursed. When do we perform the Fourth Calamity?”

A hoarse voice answered, “The Fourth Calamity…

“We can’t exterminate them, nor can we simply turn a blind eye to them. If we exterminate them all, the Twelfth Universe will be hollowed out. When the other universes attack, there’s nothing I can do to stop them,” the man murmured.

“In truth, I hope that an extremely powerful individual will emerge among the humans. By annihilating the Heavenly Path and recreating a new order, I can no longer be afraid of other universes.”

His voice was weak.

“What should we do now, my lord?”

“You’re dismissed. Don’t worry, I will make the necessary preparations.”


Ludwig turned to leave.

After he left, this region disappeared into nothingness, and only the silent void remained.

Meanwhile, James was in the Celestial Abode suppressing the Curse Power inside his body. Soon, Curse Power was suppressed and transformed into Curse Characters. Meanwhile, the other powerful figures were cultivating the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation. As their strength was immense, they easily gained insight into the Formation. However, this battle was significant, and James did not wish for any unexpected accidents to happen. So, he allowed them to continue comprehending the Formation until they have completely become one with it.

In the blink of an eye, a year passed. Over the past year, 400,000 Quasi Emperors had completely comprehended the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation. The Formation created by 400,000 Quasi Emperors was frightening. However, James had no sure way of finding out just how terrifying it was before the battle.

James looked at them and asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, sir!”

Their voices rang in unison.


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