The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3210

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3210-“Let’s move out!” James yelled.

Then, as he waved his hand, the 400,000-strong army left the Celestial Abode.

In the Elixir Residence of Sky City…

After bringing the 400,000 Quasi Emperors to the Celestial Abode to cultivate, Silvester summoned every powerful figure of the Pavilion to stay put and await their commands.

At that moment, Silvester sensed the presence of 400,000 Quasi Emperors. Then, James appeared.

“James.” Silvester rushed toward him.

“Mhm.” James nodded and asked, “Are we prepared to move out?”

Silvester nodded. “Yes, we can move out anytime.”

James said, “Good. Give me a minute.”

Then, he entered the Celestial and found Jabari, saying, “Grand Emperor, we are ready to move out.”

Jabari casually waved his hand, and a scroll appeared before him before hovering over to James.

He said, “This is the map of the Sanctuary’s headquarters which I obtained after serious extrapolation.”

“Thank you.”

James accepted the scroll. Then, he turned to leave the Celestial Abode. In the next instant, he was already back in the outside world.

In the main hall, James opened the ancient scroll, on which the whereabouts of the Sanctuary were marked.

Silvester asked, “What is this?”

James answered, “A map of the Sanctuary’s headquarters.” Looking at the ancient scroll, he continued, “The headquarters of the Sanctuary is located in a world west of the Boundless Realm called Polaris.”

Silvester immediately opened a celestial map when he heard this. Upon close inspection, he said, “Polaris is located in a faraway world, and there are few inhabitants living there. Besides that, the regional planets nearby Polaris are all devoid of Spiritual Energy.”

James stored the ancient scroll in his hand away and said, “Alright, let’s move out.”

Airships appeared outside Elixir City. Each of them was huge and could accommodate at least a million soldiers. The powerful figures of the Pavilion all boarded the airships. All of them were at least at the Divine Rank or above.

Soon, the army was assembled. James and his 400,000-strong army gathered on an airship. Standing on the deck, his expression was grim. The outcome of this struggle would be determined by this battle. If they succeed, they would obtain an Ancestral God Rank Elixir. Otherwise, all of them would perish on the battlefield. Besides, this was only just the beginning. Once the Fourth Calamity appears, all of humankind would be eradicated by Heaven’s Adjudicators.

“Let’s move out!” James’ voice boomed.

As he yelled, a spatial fissure appeared in the void before him and immediately increased in size. Then, the airships entered the spatial fissure.

Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary’s headquarters…

Ludwig was sitting on the throne contemplating.

Tadhg hurriedly rushed in and yelled, “My Lord, my scouts have informed me that the Pavilion has moved out!”

“Hahaha…” Ludwig laughed. Then, he stood up and said with a murderous expression on his face, “Humans… what can these insignificant creatures do?”

“My Lord, should we order the Sanctuary’s powerful figures to return?” Ludwig asked.


Ludwig nodded and said, “Order all disciples to stop searching for the Ancestral God Rank Elixir immediately and return. We have to annihilate James first. Once he’s removed, no one else can stop us. Once the Fourth Calamity appears, there will be no more pesky humans in this world!”

Then, he looked at Tadhg and said, “Of course, your lives will be spared.”


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