The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3213

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3213-“Meanwhile, the one who manages a universe is called a Macrocosm Ancestral God. Theophanes, the one who created the Heavenly Path of the Twelfth Universe, is a Macrocosm Ancestral God. The same goes for the other eleven universes. Not only that, there is more than one Macrocosm Ancestral God in other universes. If it weren’t for the fact that Lord Theophanes had to be wary of the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods of other universes, he wouldn’t have allowed you people to run amok,” Ludwig said nonchalantly.

As a Heaven’s Adjudicator, he was constantly by Lord Theophanes the Macrocosm Ancestral God’s side. As such, he was extremely knowledgeable.

Hearing this, James was dumbfounded.

Twelve universes? He could not believe that there were twelve universes in this world. Not only that, there was even a rank beyond the Ancestral God—the Macrosom Ancestral God Rank. Meanwhile, the creator of the Heavenly Path was a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

The others were all confounded. Most of them lived in the Boundless Realm, and this was their first time out of the realm. To think that the Boundless Realm was but a tiny speck of dust in this vast universe. Not even Jabari knew of the things Ludwig said. However, since humankind wished to annihilate the Heavenly Path and the Macrocosm Ancestral God, they must have their reasons.

“Cut the cr*p.”

Jabari’s expression turned ice cold. Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, powerful energy shredded through the air, destabilizing the space in the surroundings. Unable to resist the power, cracks began to appear on Polaris.


Countless figures flew out of Polaris as they fled the planet.


Unable to withstand the overwhelming power, Polaris disintegrated into nothingness.

Tadhg, Tamuuz, and the rest of the Sanctuary stood behind Ludwig.”

“Hahaha…” Ludwig clapped as he laughed. “Not bad… Being at the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven means that you’re only a step away from reaching the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. This is a terrifying rank even in the Primeval Age. In this age where Ancestral Gods no longer exist, you must surely be unparalleled. Not only that, you even possess an Ancestral God Weapon. You are invincible against anyone below the Ancestral God Rank. However…”

Ludwig sneered and said, “What a shame that I have appeared. Even though I’m not an Ancestral God, you don’t stand a chance against me.”

Jabari remained silent. However, his aura steadily grew.

“Enter Formation!” James yelled.

As he yelled, the 400,00o individuals behind him immediately dispersed and catalyzed the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation, forming a Superformation. The power of these 400,000 men gathered to form four powers. Meanwhile, James, Thea, Nico, and Helvius, who were the leaders, absorbed these powers, and their strength soared.


Ludwig was stunned.

“What a bizarre Formation.”

At that moment, the powers of Thea, Nico, and Helvius entered James’ body, and his power soared.

“Not bad…” Ludwig snickered and said, “No matter how terrifying your Formation is, you can never break the limitations of heaven and earth. Meanwhile, the current limitation is the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.”


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