The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3218

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3218-The Sacred Blossom was a mysterious existence that contained all the Paths of this universe. The Karma Path was the most supreme of all Paths, and the Five Great Paths included Time, Space, Life, Death, and Reincarnation. Meanwhile, the other Paths were only ordinary and mundane.

Emperor Jabari sacrificed himself to gain immense power in an attempt to fill up the Five Great Paths of the Sacred Blossom. At that moment, his vision blurred. Seeing that James wept, he smiled at him, “James, I am supposed to be dead long ago. All these years, I have lived for precisely this moment. Everything is preordained.”

His voice grew weaker as his physical body and soul slowly vanished. When his physical body completely disappeared, an immense power was born, entering the Sacred Blossom and filling up the petals that represented the Karma Path.

At that moment, a complete Sacred Blossom was born.

Upon seeing such a flawless flower, Ludwig was entranced.

The Sacred Blossom was too beautiful, and each petal was alluring. However, under the surface of the petal’s allure contained devastating power.


A voice came from the void.

Then, the Sacred Blossom moved, charging straight toward Ludwig. In an instant, the flower appeared before Ludwig.

Each petal was gorgeous and represented a single Path. As countless Paths merged, the power that burst forth surpassed the limitations of Heaven.

Ludwig was trapped by the Paths. At that moment, his body was slowly melting.

“What?” He was afraid. Horror and despair were evident in his eyes.

“No way! Impossible! I am invincible in this universe. No one can defeat me.”

Enraged, he summoned his full strength. However, he could not break free of the Sacred Blossom as cracks began to appear on the surface of his skin.

His life was seeping away.

Upon seeing this, James and the 400,000 men were wearing grim expressions. They knew that Jabari had sacrificed himself to perform this terrifying secret art.

The men of the Sanctuary were also watching this scene unfold. Seeing that Ludwig was trapped, they began to panic. Tadhg immediately approached the Sacred Blossom and tried to save Ludwig. However, the Sacred Blossom represented the myriad Paths, which exuded such a terrifying aura that even a Grand Emperor at the peak of the Ninth Heaven like Tadhg could not approach. As he tried to force his way toward Ludwig, he was injured by the Sacred Blossom’s power.

“Damn it!”

Ludwig was trapped and livid. At that moment, his tail exploded, and a powerful force shredded through the air.


An explosion happened in the sky.

Then, the Sacred Blossom slowly dispersed before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Ludwig was covered in blood all over. His hair was disheveled, his tail was gone, his aura was weak, and he was in a wretched state.

He panted for breath.

It was a close call. If he had not exploded his tail to gain immense power, he would not have broken free of the Sacred Blossom.

Seeing this, James’ expression was grim.


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