The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3219

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3219-‘If even the sacrifice of a Grand Emperor and supreme Forbidden Art can’t annihilate him, what can?’

Despair filled James’ heart.

Emperor Jabari was dead. Now that only he remained, it would be impossible for him to defeat Ludwig.

At that moment, the dispersed Sacred Blossom slowly merged to form an illusory figure.

“Grand Emperor!” James could not help but exclaim.

A feeble voice came, “James, I have done my best. Though I have failed to kill the Heaven’s Adjudicator, he is gravely injured. His tail is similar to the Ousia of a Grand Emperor. Now that his tail has exploded, his strength has been severely weakened. It’s entirely possible for you to defeat him.”

“You don’t have to feel sad about my demise. Don’t forget that the Dark World exists in this universe. I won’t completely disappear. Instead, I’ll enter the Dark World. For countless years, I have been searching for Yukia but to no avail. As I obtained information about her in the Dark World, I’ll be heading there soon.”

“I know that you are no ordinary man. With time, you’ll stand at the pinnacle of the power pyramid and become an Ancestral God, or even a Macrocosm Ancestral God. I will be waiting for you in the depths of the Dark World. I believe that you’ll head there once you’ve gained enough strength. That’s because what’s hidden in the depths of the Dark World…”

Jabari’s voice grew weaker and weaker. Before he could finish his sentence, he disappeared.

Hearing that Emperor Jabari was not truly dead and had only headed to the Dark World, James was relieved.

“What was he trying to say? Why did he say that I’ll be heading to the Dark World? Besides, what’s hidden in the depths of the Dark World?” James murmured.

“My Lord.”

From afar, Tadhg, Tamuuz, and the rest of the Sanctuary approached Ludwig.

Ludwig’s tail was gone, his face was pale, and he was in a wretched state. Though he was indeed a Quasi Ancestral God, his strength diminished after his tail was destroyed. At this moment, he was only equivalent to an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor.

“Go! Kill him!” Ludwig roared.

Tadhg, Tamuuz, and the powerful figures of the Sanctuary walked toward James at the same time. As they gazed at James, they exuded a terrifying aura.

James dismissed those thoughts for now. Clenching the Divine Sword in his hand, his aura soared. Thea, Nico, and Helvius appeared beside him and stood in a row. Behind them were 400,000 Quasi Emperors who were in formation. Immense power emerged from within them and merged, forming a terrifying Formation.

“The Heaven’s Adjudicator is gravely injured. The remaining ones pose no threat to us.”

Clenching the Divine Sword in his hand, the murderous expression on his face was hard to conceal. It was thanks to Emperor Jabari that they managed to hold on. If not for him, everyone here would have been dead.

Now, the battle could go either way. If they could annihilate Tadhg, Tamuuz, the powerful figures of the Sanctuary, and Ludwig, they would emerge victorious.


A Sword Light appeared.

Then, Silvester showed up.

Though he was injured, and his Path Seal was destroyed, he was alive. Even if he must die, he vowed to annihilate the Sanctuary and seize the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

The powerful figures of the Sanctuary appeared in mid-air and confronted James and the others.

Clenching the Divine Sword in his hand, all of James’ fury was transformed into Sword Intent.

“Charge!” James roared.

Then, the Sanctuary’s powerful figures moved.

Meanwhile, only a few individuals stepped forward on James’ side. James, Thea, Nico, Helvius, and Silvester charged forward and battled against the enemy.

A fierce battle erupted once more.


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