The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3221

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3221-After regaining his strength, Ludwig walked toward James and the others in mid-air.

James, Thea, Helvius, Silvester, Nico, and the 400,000 Quasi Emperors kept retreating. Then, James absorbed the Curse Power inside the men’s bodies, alleviating their suffering.

“Who are you?” Ludwig stared at Melinda.

He sensed a terrifying aura that was not from this age emanating from her.

“Mount Hadad… The Sacred Blossom Painting… A dream, fleeting and transitory,” Melinda said.

“…” Hearing this, Ludwig unconsciously staggered backward. “Y-You are…”

His face paled.

“That’s right,” Melinda said, “I’m Melinda Theophanes, the daughter of the Ancestral God Hadad Theophanes.”

“Y-Y-You…” Ludwig stammered.

Melinda raised the sword in her hand. Then, a figure flashed. In the next instant, she was already back to her original spot.

Meanwhile, Ludwig had been decapitated. His head fell to the ground, and his soul dissipated. As his body gradually disappeared, a golden elixir appeared in the void.

Melinda casually waved her hand, and the Ancestral God Rank Elixir flew toward her.

Upon seeing this, the powerful figures of the Sanctuary were dumbfounded.

Who was she? How did she manage to annihilate a Heaven’s Adjudicator in a single move?

Melinda’s expression was ice-cold. Looking at the remaining individuals of the Sanctuary, she slowly raised her sword.

At that moment, Tadhg, Tamuuz, and everyone else in the Sanctuary only had a single thought in mind, and that was to flee. However, their speed was incomparable to the speed of Melinda’s sword. Melinda transformed into a shadow and darted about in the void. Meanwhile, the figures of the Sanctuary were being killed left and right.

Upon seeing this, James and the others were dumbfounded.

“H-How scary.”

After some time, James took a deep breath.

Who was Melinda? How did she manage to eliminate Ludwig so easily?

Soon, Melinda was done annihilating the Sanctuary. Sheathing her sword, she appeared before James. The light that enveloped her had already dissipated.

“James,” she said.

“Ah.” James collected himself and looked at her. He could not believe that this woman managed to kill Ludwig and every figure of the Sanctuary.

“If you had come sooner, Emperor Jabari wouldn’t have…”

James’ expression was ghastly.

“I’m sorry,” Melinda apologized, “I have just regained my lost power. I hurriedly made my way here when I sensed that you were in danger.”

James sighed softly.

Since everything had already happened, there was no point in blaming others. Besides, Emperor Jabari was not truly dead and had only just headed to the Dark World. One day, he would see him again.

“So your true name is Melinda Theophanes.”

James looked at her and asked, “Mount Hadad… The Sacred Blossom Painting… A dream, fleeting and transitory… What do these words mean?”

Melinda’s expression turned grim. After some contemplation, she said slowly, “This is a long story that touches on the secrets of the Primeval Age. That is, the fundamental reason the Ancestral Gods of humankind turn against Heaven.”

Hearing this, James was intrigued.


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