The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3222

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3222-The reason why the Ancestral Gods of humankind in the Primeval Age wished to annihilate the Heavenly Path had always been enshrouded in secrecy. James had no idea until now.

He looked at Melinda, and so did everyone else present. They were all stunned by her strength. In the past, Melinda had set up a Superformation in the Elixir Realm to protect the realm’s safety. Regardless, she did not demonstrate remarkable strength. Now, in just a few instants, she had annihilated every powerful figure of the Sanctuary and even the injured Heaven’s Adjudicator.

Melinda was lost in contemplation. A slight frown could be seen on her face. After some time, she said, “The Primeval Age is a bright era. There was a sect that ruled the world—the Heavenly Path Sect. Mound Hadad is the headquarters of the Heavenly Path Sect, whereas the Sacred Blossom Painting is a totem. Meanwhile, the Sect Leader is also the Macrocosm Ancestral God of the Twelfth Universe.”

Then, she glanced at James and the others and said, “Our universe is not the only one out there. There are twelve universes in total in this world.”

James nodded slightly. He had learned of this from the dead Heaven’s Adjudicator.

Melinda continued, “The ruler of the Twelfth Universe is Hadad Theophanes, who was also the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Path Sect. There were many powerful figures in the sect. Even the Ancestral Gods of humankind once headed to Mount Hadad to listen to Hadad preaching about the Path. The Heavenly Path Sect has many disciples. Meanwhile, Hadad the Sect Leader had admitted many distinguished disciples. One of them was an Inner Disciple called Radomir Theophanes, a name given to the disciple by Hadad. Radomir possessed immense potential, and his cultivation speed was unparalleled. As he had gained insight into countless Paths, he had Hadad’s trust, who entrusted him with the responsibility of managing the rules of the Heavenly Path.

“The Heavenly Path is an existence that controls everything in this world. It is a Path that has existed since the creation of the universe and not something artificial. In this universe, only a single individual can manage the Heavenly Path. As the Heavenly Path will be depleted during the process of operation, the controller needs to sustain the power of the Heavenly Path to ensure a smooth operation.”

“Though Radomir obtained great authority, he was not satisfied. He wanted to replace Hadad as the Macrocosm Ancestral God and become the sole ruler of this universe. So, he launched a coup d’état. During the battle, there was bloodshed on Mount Hadad, and Hadad, the sole ruler of this universe met his demise.

“Hadad was the primogenitor of humankind, and the Ancestral Gods of men have received his grace. However, once Radomir seized power, he planned to annihilate the remnants of Hadad’s influence. So, he made a move against the remaining Ancestral Gods of humankind. This was why they turned against Heaven and the Heavenly Path in the Primeval Age. Upon controlling the Heavenly Path, Radomir secretly modified the Heavenly Path and created many rules that disadvantage humans.”

After she spoke, Melinda took a deep breath.

James asked, “Who are you then?”

Melinda said, “I came from the Primeval Age. My father is Hadad Theophanes, the true master of the Heavenly Path.”

Realization dawned on James’ face as he said, “Are you saying that the one behind the Heavenly Path is Radomir Theophanes, your senior disciple?”

“Yes.” She nodded.


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