The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3225

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3225-James followed suit and said, “Coincidentally, I have something to ask you.”

“Ask away.” She looked at James.

He asked, “Previously while we were in the Desolateness Sanctuary, you once headed to the Forsaken Land. What is this Forsaken Land? Are there places outside the reach of the Heavenly Path in this universe?”

“You really want to know?’ Melinda asked.

“I’m just curious,” James replied.

After some contemplation, she said, “Actually, the Forsaken Land of the Desolateness Sanctuary isn’t in this universe. Rather, it’s the borderland between this universe and others. Since the Forsaken Land isn’t in this universe, the Heavenly Path can’t control anything there.”

“I see.” Realization dawned on James’ face.

“Yes,” Melinda said.

James asked again, “Radomir Theophanes is the Macrocosm Ancestral God behind the Heavenly Path, who also happens to be the most powerful individual in the Twelfth Universe. If he insists on annihilating humankind, can we truly survive the ordeal even if we overcome the Fourth Calamity?”

James was concerned. In the Primeval Age, there were many Ancestral Gods. However, all of them were defeated. In this age where none existed, how could they possibly stand a chance against Radomir?

“He wouldn’t dare,” Melinda said.

“Why not?’ James asked puzzledly.

She said, “The Heavenly Path has its operating rules. Even if Radomir can change some rules here and there to disadvantage humans, he wouldn’t dare annihilate mankind even if they overcome the Fourth Calamity. After all, he would be transgressing against the operating rules of the Heavenly Path. Besides, he is a Macrocosm Ancestral God and the ruler of the Twelfth Universe. He knows that humans are the most suitable for cultivation, and many extremely powerful figures are human. The Twelfth Universe is also the weakest. With other universes breathing down our necks, Radomir’s attention has been diverted to deal with the external threat. As such, he seldom pays any attention to this universe. The so-called Fourth Calamity is a trial for humans by the Heavenly Path that was created after he modified the rules of the Heavenly Path. In the Primeval Age, the Ancestral Gods of humans wanted to annihilate the Heavenly Path. That was why Radomir targeted the humans. However, he cannot totally eradicate all of you. Hence, the Fourth Calamity.”

Melinda gave a brief explanation.

The Heavenly Path had a consciousness of its own. Radomir, on the other hand, could only manage and even modify the rules, yet he nonetheless could not violate the Heavenly Path.

Hearing this, James understood.

“This means that humans will be safe once we overcome the Fourth Calamity?”

“Mhm.” Melinda nodded and said, “Theoretically, yes. Unless humans have given birth to a being that threatens Radomir, he would not interfere in the matters of the Twelfth Universe.”

James asked once more, “How many Heaven’s Adjudicators will there be during the Fourth Calamity?”

Melinda shook her head and said, “I’m not sure.”

After some contemplation, she said, “When my father ruled over the universe, the Heaven’s Adjudicators are embodiments of justice. Even as the Macrocosm Ancestral God, he never once made an exception. Instead, every Heaven’s Adjudicator was born naturally, selected by the Heavenly Path. However, once Radomir seized the reins of power, he quietly modified the operating rules, leading to the creation of many Heaven’s Adjudicators. These Heaven’s Adjudicators are not fair and just, for they are only his tools for removing his political opponents.”

Hearing this, James thought of Winnie. This meant that Winnie was selected by the Heavenly Path to become a Heaven’s Adjudicator, meaning that she was fair and just. She was not Radomir’s subordinate who was merely a ruthless killing machine devoid of all emotions.

Thinking about this, James was relieved.


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