The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3229

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3229-James could recognize one of these Grand Emperors — Yaraka Xenmour, the custodian of the Chamber of Scriptures.

“You’re back, James. Did you bring the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?” Yaraka asked. She was dressed in a white dress. Pure and untainted, she seemed like a beautiful fairy. Not only that, her voice was melodious.

James shook his head slightly.

“What?” Yaraka was shocked.

Xandros said, “Summon everyone here. We will have a meeting.”


Knowing the severity of the situation, Yaraka hurriedly informed the others.

In the main hall of a building on the peak of a mountain…

Xandros was sitting on a throne, and some Grand Emperors gradually arrived.

“Greetings, Xandros.”

Upon meeting Xandros, they all greeted him respectfully.

Soon, there were ten or more Grand Emperors in the main hall. James glanced at them. He could sense that they were weak and only at the First or Second Heaven. Compared to the Grand Emperors in the Boundless Realm, they were many times weaker. The strongest among them was Xandros. Through James’ perception, he could tell that Xandros was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor. Even in the Boundless Realm, he would be a top-notch fighter.

“James, you have returned.”

“James, did you bring the Ancestral God Rank Elixir back?”

They greeted James. Though James did not know them, they had heard of James.

Xandros slightly raised his hand, and the crowd immediately quieted down.

He said, “Many events have happened in the Boundless Realm. The Ancestral God Rank Elixir has shattered. While in the Boundless Realm, James had found four of them, and only a single one of them remains.”

Xandros narrated the chain of events that unfolded.

Hearing this, Yaraka’s expression was grim as she said, “The seal on the Boundless Realm is gone. This means that the Fourth Calamity is upon us.”

Xandros ordered, “Give the order. All humans in the universe must turn their attention towards finding the final Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

Then, he casually waved his hand, and an image appeared. This image was the one James gave to him.


The powerful figures turned to leave.


A blinding light appeared in the main hall at that moment. Then, a few figures appeared — Silvester, Helvius, and the other powerful figures of the Boundless Realm.

When he saw this, Xandros immediately entered a defensive position.

James hurriedly explained, “This man is Silvester Daniela, the Old Master of the Boundless Realm’s Elixir Pavilion. He’s the descendent of the man who guards the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

Hearing this, Xandros breathed a sigh of relief.

Silvester said, “As the seal on the Boundless Realm has disappeared, we were able to come here. Now, our priority is to find the Ancestral God RanK Elixir. Everyone in the Pavilion will assist you.”

The Pavilion’s strength was immense. With their strength, they could certainly sweep through the entire universe. That was because they did not experience the chaos of the Primordial Age.

Hearing this, Xandros breathed a sigh of relief.

Next, a huge number of powerful figures from the Pavilion began searching for the final fragment all over the universe.

Now, James had no choice but to wait.

Though he did not leave Earth for too long, to him, 100,000 years had passed. He had many friends and family members on Earth.

“Xandros, I’ll be taking my leave. Inform me at once if you receive any news.” James said.

Xandros nodded and said, “Get going.”


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