The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3230

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3230-“Let’s return to Earth, Thea,” James said.

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

Then, they left the sealed space.

Now that they possessed immense power, the seal on Earth was nothing to them. As such, they were able to traverse the Sealed Realms with ease.

Thea casually waved her hand, and a fissure appeared in the sky. Then, they entered the fissure and reappeared on Earth.

In the sky…

After so many long years, Earth’s surface area had increased, and countless mountains and rivers had emerged. Standing in mid-air, James gazed at his surroundings. Under his perception, he sensed that there were many new regions on Earth and that there was great destruction here.

Because of the curse of the Third Calamity, all humans on Earth had been contaminated by Curse Power, which caused the death of many humans. Meanwhile, some weaker cultivators who could not withstand the Curse Power also died after undergoing excruciating torture by the Curse Power. Meanwhile, the comparatively more powerful cultivators of the three thousand Sealed Realms could barely help themselves, preventing them from lending a helping hand to those contaminated with Curse Power.

On every street in every city on Earth lay humans whose lives were hanging by a thread on the ground. These modern-looking cities were completely devoid of life.

Upon seeing this, James was frustrated.

“Earth once had a population of about ten billion. Now, not even a hundred million remains.”

He sighed.

Thea grabbed his hand firmly and said, “Everything will be over soon.”

There were 10 billion inhabitants on Earth. Now, many of them lay dead. Besides, many of the surviving humans came from the Sealed Realms.

Standing in mid-air, James summoned the Jade Seal. Catalyzing the Jade Seal, a mysterious power emerged from within and enveloped the sky. At that moment, the Curse Power in the bodies of every human being transformed into threads of black aura and flew to the sky. Then, they entered the Jade Seal before moving to James’ body.

In the past, James could not save them as he was weak. Now that he had crossed into the Divine Rank’s Second Consolidation and cultivated the Curse Ousia, he was no longer afraid of Curse Power.

In an instant, the Curse Power in the bodies of every human being was absorbed.

“The Curse Power inside my body has disappeared!”

“I have recovered!”

“Hahaha! Thank the heavens!”

Cheers erupted all over Earth as James stored the Jade Seal away. At that moment, he was enveloped in Curse Power all over his body. Glancing at Thea, he said, “Return to Sol and Wyrmstead first, Thea. I will find a place to suppress the Curse Power.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded. Then, her body flashed, and she disappeared without a trace.

James, on the other hand, descended from the air and landed on an island in the middle of the ocean. Sitting in a lotus position on an empty plot of land, he began suppressing the Curse Power.

Just as Thea left, a figure appeared out of nowhere and blocked her path.

“Xandros, is something the matter?”

Thea froze.

“Thea.” Xandros’ expression was solemn.

Seeing that Xandros opened and shut his mouth, Thea said, “Please tell me what it is.”

“I came here to tell you something about the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.”

“Huh?” Thea froze.

What did the final Ancestral God Rank Elixir have to do with her?


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