The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3241

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3241-Although the Labhrann Clan was a powerful faction in the Demon Realm, Brielle was only a First Heaven Grand Emperor.

On the other hand, the Fallen Angel Clan had a Third Heaven Grand Emperor.

If the Fallen Angel Clan was determined to kill James, Brielle knew she could not stop them.

“What should I do?” Brielle was distraught.

She walked over to James.

James saw Brielle walking over with an unusual expression and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Brielle replied, “I just got news that the Fallen Angel Clan has left for Earth using the Hadean Clan’s passage.”

He was startled for a bit, but then said with a smile,novelebook “There’s nothing to worry about. We’re on Earth right now. We’ll wipe them out if they mess around on our territory.”

Henrik gave a thumbs up and said approvingly, “You’re the man, James! You might be the only one who would even consider wiping out the Fallen Angel Clan.”

Brielle stomped her feet and said furiously, “Do you understand the situation you’re in right now? How can you act so nonchalantly? You’re about to deal with a life-threatening matter!”

“Everything is under control.”

James was not worried since powerhouses from the Boundless Realm had also come to Earth.

The Earth was supposed to be sealed, preventing powerful cultivators from visiting it. The only known passage that connected to Earth was the one in the Hadean Clan.

James had no idea how the powerhouses from the Boundless Realm managed to bypass the Earth’s seal, but they had somehow done so and were already on Earth.

He did not bother dwelling on how they came to Earth and reassured Brielle. “Don’t worry.”

Since James was not fazed, Brielle decided to drop the issue.


Suddenly, someone called his name.

James turned toward the sound and saw a beautiful woman approaching him.

The gorgeous woman was about 180 centimeters tall and had long black hair.

It was Marcello from the Azurean Clan.

Marcello wore a lovely smile as she walked over. “I rushed over when I heard that you’re here. Where have you been for the past thousand years?”

She leaped into James’ arms worriedly, completely ignoring the other people around her.


James was startled and thought, ‘She sure is bold.’

“Stop it. There’s a lot of people here.” James pushed Marcello away.

Marcello returned to her senses and blushed slightly.


As she was about to say something, dark clouds suddenly blanketed the clear sky.

A large army of Avians descended from the sky and quickly surrounded Bane City.

Brielle’s expression changed drastically upon seeing the Avians.

Henrik watched with a slight frown and murmured, “The Fallen Angel Clan are really going all out, huh? Should I ask my teacher for backup?”

Qusai also began contemplating whether to ask his father, the Supreme Fiend Lord, for help.

“Which one of you is James Caden?”

A furious voice resounded throughout the skies of the Bane City, spreading out to the Bane City.

James raised his head to the sky. He appeared in front of the massive Avian in the sky and said nonchalantly, “That’s me.”

The Fallen Angel King roared, “You, b*stard! Were you the one that killed my son?”

His voice was deafening, and James’ felt his eardrums go numb.

James said indifferently, “Who’s your son? Oh, I did kill a bird-like man before. I think his name was Sabrathan? Is that your son?”


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