The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3242

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3242-The Fallen Angel King was enraged by James’ words.

He erupted with fury, and terrifying energy filled the air. James felt as if his body was being forcefully shredded apart.

James knew he was in trouble.

At his current strength, he was no match for the Fallen Angel King.

He silently activated a Secret Art and requested Nico’s help.

“Nico, I’ve got a problem right now and need your help.”

“Understood. I’ll be right there, James.”

“Don’t immediately show yourself when you arrive. Only make a move when I’m in danger.”


Nico immediately began sensing James’ surroundings upon establishing contact. novelebook Although the Earth had grown bigger, its energy was still much inferior to the Boundless Realm’s warriors.

After Nico located James, he immediately appeared in Mount Bane. However, he did not reveal himself and hid in the shadows.

At that moment, Brielle rushed into the air as well. She looked at the angered Fallen Angel King and tried to ease the situation. “There’s a misunderstanding, Fallen Angel King. It wasn’t James’ intention to kill Sabrathan.

The Fallen Angel King replied coldly. “Are you trying to protect him, Brielle? Is the Labhrann Clan trying to make an enemy of us?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Please let me explain…”

The Fallen Angel King roared, “Get out of the way! I’ll slaughter James’ entire family for killing my son!”

James hovered in the air and was barely withstanding the terrifying force of a Third Heaven Grand Emperor. However, he did not have the slightest concern.

He looked at the Fallen Angel King and said calmly, “You’re on Earth now. This is the humans’ territory. You’d better leave immediately, or I’ll show you no mercy.”

James gave the Fallen Angel Clan an ultimatum.


The Fallen Angel King laughed derisively.

“I’d like to see what you can do to me.”

His laughter resounded throughout the area.

As he cackled, the huge wings on his back began to flap rapidly, and a powerful force swept the surroundings. The force sent James reeling.

Suddenly, a thuggish man appeared before James. Flicking his hand effortlessly, he pushed away the Fallen Angel King whose wings could not counter Nico’s power.

James parted his lips and ordered. “Wipe them out. Don’t let anyone of them survive.”

On Earth, all other creatures were outsiders.

James did not show any mercy toward these outsiders.

“Sure thing.”

Nico rubbed his hands and said, “I haven’t got a chance to stretch my muscles in a while.”

After speaking, Nico immediately unleashed the aura of a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor.

His aura was unspeakably oppressive.

The Fallen Angel King was appalled.


His expression changed, and he quickly backed away.

However, Nico had already leaped into action. He thrust his palm forward, and powerful force swept toward the Fallen Angel Clan’s army.

Almost everyone died instantly, except for the Fallen Angel King.

The Fallen Angel King quickly fled for his life, but Nico gave chase to him.

All the powerful cultivators from various sects were dumbfounded by the scene.

James left the fight to Nico and slowly descended from the sky, landing in the Labhranns’ residence.

Curious, Henrik asked, “Who’s that, James? He has such terrifying energy and is even stronger than my teacher.”

James smiled lightly and said, “He’s a good friend of mine.”

The Fallen Angel King escaped and fled to the Demon Realm through the Hadean Passage.

Nico gave up on the chase and hurried back to James. He appeared before James and said, “He got away, James.”

James replied casually. “It’s fine. Leave him be.”


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