The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3248

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3248-An intense explosion shook the universe.

The shock waves from the explosion swept across the entire universe, and powerful beings all over the universe noticed the energy fluctuations.

In the Fiend Realm, the Supreme Fiend Lord immediately issued an order.

“The Fourth Calamity of the human race has struck. The Fiend Realm shall now be sealed, and no one is permitted to leave until the Fourth Calamity is over.”

In the Demon Realm, all major clans and families requested their members to leave Earth and return home.

“This is the human race’s calamity. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

“We’ll wait for the Fourth Calamity to be over. Then, we’ll seize the providence.”

Prodigies and powerhouses from other worlds all immediately left the Earth.

After the loud explosion, a vast black void appeared in outer space.

The Law of Heaven and inscription shards emerged from the void. novelebook They slowly gathered together and formed several beings.

These entities took the form of male humans.

They emitted an imposing aura.

A total of about a hundred of them came into being.

These human-like beings were Heaven’s Adjudicators, created by Heaven’s Law.

During the Primeval Age, some human Ancestral Gods were defeated when they challenged the Heavenly Path. After that battle, the force behind the Heavenly Path made a few changes to Heaven’s Law. The human race’s Four Calamities were a result of these changes.

Heaven’s Law formed the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

They existed for one sole purpose—annihilating every last human throughout the universe.

After the Heaven’s Adjudicators appeared, they dispersed to different parts of the universe in search of powerful humans to kill.

These Heaven’s Adjudicators were emotionless and programmed to kill humans.

They executed their objective in an orderly manner. Their initial targets were powerful humans that had reached high cultivation ranks. They would wipe out the remaining humans after getting rid of the stronger ones.

A human who survived the Primeval Age was hidden within a powerful formation in the Fiend Realm. He was a fairly well-known cultivator from the Primeval Age and wielded great strength. nov.e.l.ebook He had already reached the Ninth Heaven as a Grand Emperor.

A Heaven’s Adjudicator came for him as soon as the Fourth Calamity befell the universe.

They immediately engaged in a fierce battle.

At the same time, another hidden human powerhouse also set up a powerful formation in the Demon Realm. He was well-prepared for the calamity and thought he could survive the catastrophe. However, one of Heaven’s Adjudicators still tracked him down.

All around the universe, several other human powerhouses were tracked down by the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

James looked at the Ancestral God Rank Elixir before him.

It was the size of a basketball and was a luxurious, golden color. A few mysterious inscriptions could be seen on the surface of the Acestral God Rank Elixir.

He stared at the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and fell into a trance. Suddenly, a figure appeared within the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

It was none other than Thea.

James was startled to see his wife. “Thea?”

Unfortunately, Thea’s face disappeared almost instantly.


In the highest seat of the main hall, Xandros said, “According to the information handed down from the Primeval Age, the Heaven’s Adjudicators will seek out every powerful human scattered throughout the universe and kill them one by one.

“Now that they’ve already appeared, you should consume…”

Before he could finish speaking, darkness gradually enveloped the outside of the hall.

Everyone quickly rushed outside.

Black clouds loomed in the distant sky and rapidly moved toward them.

The clouds appeared above the mountain range at the next moment, and a few Heaven’s Adjudicators emerged.


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