The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3250

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3250-The Heaven’s Adjudicators appeared one after another. Eventually, about one hundred of them appeared before him.

After James reached the deepest part of the universe, more than one hundred Heaven’s Adjudicators surrounded him.

His expression became solemn upon seeing so many of them.

There was only one rank difference between a Quasi God Rank and an Ancestral God, and the strength gap between the two was not huge. However, James had to fight all of them on his own.

Moreover, the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s strength enhancements were only temporary.

Although he was unsure of how long the effect would last, James knew it would not be long.

He had to kill over a hundred of these Heaven’s Adjudicators within a limited time period.

If even one of Heaven’s Adjudicators were to survive, it would pose a huge threat to humanity, and the possibility of human extinction would still remain.

Suddenly, a question emerged in James’ mind.

‘Am I going to die here?’

James was not afraid of death. He was ready to die for his country when he joined the army.

Now, he was also prepared to sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity.

However, he was sad to have to part with Thea.

Moreover, he had yet to meet his unborn son.

The Heaven’s Adjudicators surrounded James and were on their guard, choosing not to act rashly.

With a thought, James summoned the four keys he had been keeping in the Celestial Abode.

These were the keys to undoing the seal on Earth.

Rumor was that whoever unraveled the seal would obtain the ultimate providence.

James murmured, “It seems I won’t get to use these after all.”

He was worried the four keys would be lost after his death.

James looked into the distance and noticed powerful humans had arrived. They did not interfere and simply watched from afar.

James casually waved his hand, and a void appeared in the space. The four keys floated into the void and appeared before Xandros,novelebook who was observing from the distance.

Then, James shouted, “I don’t have much to leave to my unborn son, so please pass these keys to him. Also…”

James took off the ring on his finger.

The ring was the Celestial Abode left behind by Emperor Jabari.

The Celestial Abode had been with him throughout a good part of his life. He had obtained his current accomplishments and avoided many dangers with the aid of the Celestial Abode.

The ring also floated through the void.

“Pass the Celestial Abode to Thea, and tell her it’s for our son.”

James parted his lips and his resolute voice resounded through the deepest parts of the universe.

He still had no idea that Thea had sacrificed herself to form the last part of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. She had already merged with Ancestral God Rank Elixir he had swallowed.

At that moment, James’ strength was still steadily climbing.

He flexed his muscles and sensed the potent power flowing through his body. Then, he murmured, “So this is the strength of an Ancestral God? It’s definitely impressive. I feel like I could destroy a huge planet with a single blow.”

James’ physical strength had already reached its limit.

He had already surpassed the Demonic Lotus’ defensive power and was way beyond the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. His physical strength was the Quasi Ancestral God Rank and finally surpassed the Ancestral God Rank.

The nine Ousias in his body had gone through a complete transformation and formed Path Seals. His Path Seals also reached the highest potential.

James had become an Ancestral God.

At that moment, James’ physical strength and power had reached the Ancestral God Rank.

He was surrounded by about a hundred Heaven’s Adjudicators.


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