The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3252

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3252-In the deepest part of the universe, James floated in the starry space surrounded by more than a hundred of Heaven’s Adjudicators.

These Heaven’s Adjudicators mastered one of the Five Great Paths—the Space Path.

Their bodies constantly shifted through space, and James could not pinpoint their locations despite possessing the strength of an Ancestral God.

James frowned.

Suddenly, he felt a spatial fluctuation in front of him. James immediately reacted and thrust the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword forward.novelebook Terrifying power erupted with just one move.

The space before him split open, and a Heaven’s Adjudicator emerged.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword struck against a Scythe of Judgment.


A powerful force erupted from weapons colliding.

As a result, a massive black hole appeared in the area. It was enormous and about the size of a major planet.

James was knocked away by the force.

Although he had the power of an Ancestral God, he had never possessed such extraordinary strength before. Thus, he had a hard time handling it properly.

James was blasted away, and the Blood Energy in his body gurgled violently.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator that struck him also was blasted away.

Unlike James, he was unscathed after the confrontation.

He was a Quasi Ancestral God and was not so easily injured.

“What strength!”

James was unable to resist the force and stumbled backward. Cracks formed beneath his feet.

After finding his footing, James took a deep breath. One Heaven’s Adjudicator was already a challenging opponent. Fighting against a hundred of them at once was going to be arduos.

This was the toughest fight in his entire cultivation journey.

Nonetheless, he was fearless in spite of the odds.

The fighting spirit in his heart blazed proudly.

At that moment, the space around him suddenly tore open, and dozens of Heaven’s Adjudicators emerged, each launching fierce attacks at him.

James sensed their presence and quickly channeled all his strength. At that moment, his aura jumped to its highest point.

Powerful energy burst out from his body and formed an invisible magnetic field.

However, a Scythe of Judgment struck the magnetic field and shattered it instantly.

As soon as the magnetic field was broken, James felt a terrifying force rush toward him. Unable to withstand it, James was cast down.

Suddenly, another Heaven’s Adjudicator appeared below him and swung his Scythe of Judgement, unleashing an abnormal light.

James teleported away and dodged the attack.

The battle between James and the Heaven’s Adjudicators broke out in the deepest part of the universe.

James was struggling against his many opponents as he could not fully wield the power in his body. In just a short moment, he was overwhelmed and forced to rely on defensive manouvres. During this period, he had no choice but to keep retreating.

The Heaven’s Adjudicators formed a bizarre formation around him.

They flitted all around the space, and easily avoided James’ attacks. Despite having battled for a while, the Heaven’s Adjudicators were still unscathed. Meanwhile, James was in a tough spot.

His hair was messed up, and blood trickled down his lips.

His Blood Energy roiled violently after being struck by such powerful force, and it caused blood to gush out of his mouth.

Far away, the human powerhouses watched the battle happening in the universe’s depths. They all had grim expressions after seeing that James being cornered by his opponents.

Powerful creatures all over the universe also watched the fight closely.

Although they were separated by an extremely long distance, they could still sense the powerful aftermath jolting the universe.

The battle continued fervently.


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