The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3258

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3258-After the deaths of two of their comrades, the remaining Heaven’s Adjudicators began discussing a countermeasure.

Meanwhile, the human powerhouses’ tense expressions relaxed significantly after witnessing James kill two Heaven’s Adjudicators.

“James killed two of them. He’s off to a good start.”

“However, he’s sustained quite a lot of injuries. It’s tough to recover from injuries dealt by the Scythes of Judgement.”

Although things looked optimistic, a few human powerhouses were still worried.

On the battlefield, James was covered in wounds. However, that hardly slowed him down.

There was no telling how much longer the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s power could last, and he had to get rid of the Heaven’s Adjudicators before the effects wore off.

James looked around him, trying to find his next target.

Unexpectedly, one Heaven’s Adjudicator took the initiative to attack him.

The Infinity Steles protected James, but the Heaven’s Adjudicator had mastered the Space Path.novelebook He immediately disappeared from James’ sight

Before James could react, the Heaven’s Adjudicator had already moved through space and appeared before him.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator raised his Scythe of Judgement and slashed at James.

Suddenly, several other Heaven’s Adjudicators appeared and attacked simultaneously.

Their power sealed the surrounding space and caused time to stop.

James immediately unleashed his Demonic Energy. Curse Inscriptions immediately surrounded him and formed a protective shield.


Numerous Scythe of Judgements swung down at James but was blocked by the Curse Inscriptions.

Although they resisted the attacks, the Curse Path Seal within his body was slightly damaged.

After deflecting the attacks, James then vanished from sight. The next moment, countless shadows holding swords appeared in the surrounding space.

The shadows charged at the Heaven’s Adjudicators.

The Heaven’s Adjudicators quickly reacted and parried their attacks.

Suddenly, the shadows combined and James reappeared before one of the Heaven’s Adjudicators, thrusting his sword through his body.

The Heaven’s Adjudicator’s body scattered into shards of the Heaven’s Law.

Before they could reform into a new body, countless Sword Energies darted over and destroyed them.

James successfully killed off a third Heaven’s Adjudicator.

The other Heaven Adjudicators continued to attack James with all their strength. A few even chose to self-destruct in order to kill James.

The power of their detonation was comparable to the might of an Ancestral God.

Although James had a formidable physical body, his body still sustained substantial damage from the force of their self-destruction.

At that moment, James was bloodied and wounded.

He had sustained grievous wounds from the force of the self destructive attacks.nov.ele.b.ook Fortunately, the number of opponents had decreased as well.

While the fierce battle was still ongoing, a person suddenly appeared in the deepest part of the universe.

It was none other than Winnie.

Winnie stood far away from the battlefield. She hovered in space, and her long black hair trailed behind her.

She looked at James, who was fighting fiercely on the battlefield, then took a few steps forward.


After departing to travel the universe, she coincidentally traveled back to the Primeval Age and became an Ancestral God.

It had been a long time since she last saw James.

She had almost forgotten how he looked.

As soon as she saw James, thuy she felt her emotions welling in her heart.

Although she came to the battlefield, she did not interfere rashly and watched from afar.


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