The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3262

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3262-James and Winnie were both locked in intense battles.

Even though both of them were Ancestral Gods, the Heaven’s Adjudicators were Quasi Ancestral Gods and wielded Scythes of Judgment. They were not much weaker than James and Winnie.

After the fight continued, more and more Heaven’s Adjudicators were eliminated. novelebook However, James and Winnie also sustained injuries, and their conditions progressively worsened.

The human powerhouses watched from a distance.

Among them were a few Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors who could not participate in the battle.

They watched as James’ injuries grew more severe, and how his body was littered with cuts everywhere. His bones were exposed, and carved into.

Xandros knew James could not sustain further injury. James was only standing through sheer willpower and the strength of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

Once the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s effects disappeared, James would not be able to bear the toll with his own cultivation rank since they were injuries from the Heavenly Path’s power.

Xandros spoke in a slightly choked-up voice, “James is humankind’s hero and his sacrifice should be remembered.”

He waved his hand and made use of an extraordinary Path.

The battle was immediately projected throughout the universe for every human being to watch.

The scene of the battlefield immediately appeared above the Earth.

In the projection, a disheveled man with bloody wounds and exposed bones all over his body could be seen. He was soaked in blood, and the sight was incredibly gruesome.

“W-What is this?”

The sudden projection of the battle scene took the humans by surprise.

“T-That’s James Caden!”

“Is this Earth’s Fourth Calamity?”

“Humanity’s Fourth Calamity is already happening. James is engaged in an intense fight against the Heaven’s Adjudicators in outer space.”

Many humans were filled with sorrow upon seeing James’ appearance.

Some of James’ friends in Bane City could not hold back their tears upon seeing him.

His body had been grievously injured, and there was no unmarred stretch of flesh on his body. His bones were exposed and were also full of cuts.

Many people wept at the sight of him.

A few people cheered in encouragement. “Stand strong, James!”

The battle scene was broadcasted all over the universe for all humans to Even the other beings throughout the universe could witness the battle.

Meanwhile, James was still desperately fighting on the battlefield.

His strength was almost depleted, and the Ancestral God Rank Elixir’s effects were gradually wearing off.

It had already been a month since the battle broke out.

Initially, there were more than a hundred Heaven’s Adjudicators. After a month of intense fighting, less than ten Heaven’s Adjudicators remained.

James’ strength had waned significantly.

Meanwhile, Winnie was also covered in wounds.

However, she was still faring much better than James.

Suddenly, James felt his vision go blurry.

While he was slightly distracted, a Heaven’s Adjudicator lunged at him and pierced his Scythe of Judgement through James’ body.

James was losing consciousness and growing light-headed.


The wounded Winnie quickly rushed over to James and raised her Scythe of Judgement to attack the oncoming enemy.

A dazzling Sword Light emerged, and Heaven’s Adjudicator dodged.

Winnie managed to save James in time.

“Dad? Dad!”

James was slowly struggling to focus, but he composed himself after hearing the anxious voice ringing in his ears. novelebookHe looked at Winnie’s blurry face, which gradually became clearer.

He parted his lips and murmured, “Winnie…”


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