The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3264

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3264-There were still three opponents left.

They could sense James’ power diminishing rapidly and knew it would take less than a day for his strength to drop out of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.

The three of them refrained from attacking James and retreated away.

As long as James died, the remaining three of them were enough to wipe out the rest of the humans throughout the universe.

James floated in the space.

He was covered in blood which dripped into space. Each drop of his blood could destroy the space around him.

His strength was shrinking rapidly, and he was consuming a greater amount of energy.

With his strength being exhausted, his Soul Power also weakened drastically. novelebook As a result of events in the Dark World, his soul had been fused with his body. Now that his physical body was covered in wounds, his Soul Power also weakened in proportion. To add to things, he was having a hard time staying awake.

“I can’t fall here.

“I need to kill them.

“I have to wipe out the last three Heaven’s Adjudicators.”

James roared, and his voice resounded through space.

However, he was losing blood. With every drop of blood he lost, his strength would diminish accordingly. He wanted to continue fighting, but could not physically keep up.

His body floated in space.

He slowly closed his eyes and lost consciousness.

Although he had lost consciousness, his body still stood upright because carved in his bones was the desire to fight.

“Haha! James is at his limit.”

Seeing James’ dire state, the three Heaven’s Adjudicators rejoiced among themselves.

“You guys forgot about me!”

An incensed cry rang out.

Winnie came closer with her Scythe of Judgement and looked at James.

At that moment, the Infinity Steles and Elemental Wheels had already returned to his body after he fainted.

Winnie stood before James and sensed James’ condition.

To her horror, she could not sense any vitality within James’ body.

“He’s dead?”

Winnie gasped in disbelief.

Things were not supposed to end this way.

James was not supposed to die. If he did, the Heavenly Path’s rules would collapse and the entire universe and fabric of time would be Everything around them now would have ceased to exist.

However, things still seemed normal.

“What’s going on?” Winnie was puzzled.

“You’ve taken heavy damage, Winnie. You’ll die if you continue to fight.”

One of Heaven’s Adjudicators said, “Do you still insist on helping the humans?”

Before he could get an answer, Melinda appeared on the battlefield.

Melinda refused to sit back and resign herself now that only three opponents were left, especially after watching James fight to his last breath.

She did not want James’ sacrifice to be in vain.

Seeing Melinda enter the battlefield, the other human powerhouses also followed suit. In just a short moment, hundred of human powerhouses stood in front of James.

All of them looked at the fallen hero.

James’ entire body was horrifically mangled. His bones were exposed and full of slash marks. It was hard to quantify how many times he had been struck.

He was not breathing, and his body held no signs of life.

Although he died in battle, his body refused to collapse or let go of the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

The hundreds of human powerhouses stood before James somberly.

Xandros said, “James fought and died for humanity. He’s already wiped out a majority of the Heaven’s Adjudicators. novelebook There are only three left. Let’s join forces to kill the last three.”

Xandros’ call to arms echoed in space. His words immediately incited anger in the powerful humans present.



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