The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3265

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3265-Everyone summoned their weapons at once.

Winnie took the lead and charged at one of Heaven’s Adjudicators with her Scythe of Judgement.

Melinda lunged at another Heaven’s Adjudicator.

Meanwhile, the other human powerhouses united to fight against the last Heaven’s Adjudicator.

The deepest part of the universe was once again embroiled in an intense struggle for the fate of humanity.

Winnie had fought previously and was already in grave condition. Despite only having to fight one opponent, she was struggling to defeat him.

Melinda also found herself in a tough spot. She was similarly injured in previous battles and was at the same cultivation rank as her opponent. novelebook Thus, she was unable to turn the tides in her favor.

The human powerhouses also found the odds stacked against them.

Although two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors were participating in the battle, the others were still relatively weak and were much weaker than the Heaven’s Adjudicator. Some of the Grand Emperors were killed instantly with just a single move from the Heaven’s Adjudicator.

Only Seventh or Eighth Heaven Grand Emperors were able to withstand the attacks.

The battle raged on for a long time.

Ultimately, Winnie had to use all her strength to kill the Heaven’s Adjudicator.

After killing her opponent, she was completely spent. She could no longer fight anymore and had to recuperate as soon as possible.

Exhausted, she glanced toward the battlefield.

Melinda was almost out of energy as well. Fortunately, her opponent was also worn out.

Out of the hundreds of human cultivators that joined the fight, only few still stood standing.

Seeing this, Winnie gripped her Scythe of Judgement, and it disintegrated into Law of Heaven’s shards.

These shards flew out and attacked the remaining two Heaven’s Adjudicators, killing them instantly.

After Winnie wiped out the remaining Heaven’s Adjudicator, her body faded away silently.

In the depths of the universe, the battle was finally over.

The surrounding space was all but completely destroyed.

Only a handful of the hundred human powerhouses remained.

Xandros, Silvester, and Helvius were among the survivors.

However, they were all badly injured.

The remaining humans approached James’ body sovereignly.

James was already dead, and his body floated lifelessly.

Seeing James’ hand tightly wrapped around the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, the survivors fell silent.

Melinda dragged her injured body over and looked at James’ corpse. She could not sense any trace of life within him.

Her blood-stained face looked on solemnly.

After a long silence, Xandros said, “Don’t worry, James. I’ll raise your I wanted to tell you about Thea’s sacrifice and how she turned into the Ancestral God Rank Elixir. I meant to tell you when the Fourth Calamity passed, but looks like I won’t have the chance…”

“You and Thea are both the heroes of humanity. We’ll never forget your courageous acts.”

Nico stood before James and wept sadly.

Even though he was not human, he participated in the fight after witnessing James desperately fighting for humanity.

“According to human customs from the Primeval Age, James shall be buried here in the deepest part of the universe,” said Xandros.

Soon, a tomb was set up where James had fallen.

Humans from all over the universe looked at the tomb.

Suddenly, all the humans heard a voice ring in their ears.

“Pay your respects to our hero. Rest in peace, James.”

Every human throughout the universe lowered their heads and said in unison, “Rest in peace, James.”

Many people gathered in the main hall of Wyrmstead’s Imperial Palace.

All those present were James’ former friends.

Regardless of gender, all of them wept over James’ death.

They witnessed the fierce battle between James and the Heaven’s Adjudicators, and saw how his flesh was rent from his bones. novelebook Ultimately, James succumbed to his injuries.

Despite dying on the battlefield, his body refused to give in, and stood upright in the depths of the cosmos.


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