The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3267

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3267-A few hundred years after Sophie’s visit, James’ tomb was sucked into a turbulent flow in space and disappeared from the deepest part of the universe.

Time continued to pass, and another 3000 years passed in the blink of an eye.

Thea sacrificed herself to form the last part of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

James consumed the Ancestral God Rank Elixir and fought against Heaven’s Adjudicator. Ultimately, he sacrificed his life for the peace of humankind.

A few thousand years later, the earth gradually became prosperous again.

However, the providence of the Fourth Calamity never appeared, and the earth’s seal was never lifted.

Xandros knew the seal on Earth would have to be lifted to usher them into a bright and prosperous era. novelebook Only then could their prodigies reach greater heights and accomplish much more.

In a particular place in the Three Thousand Worlds, a reprimanding voice echoed throughout the ravine.


Immediately afterward, a woman appeared. She effortlessly flicked her wrist, and a powerful force emerged, destroying the mountain before her.

A man hiding behind the mountain was immediately exposed.

The man looked to be in his 20s and wore a white robe. He was rather handsome and looked similar to James.

“What’s wrong, Xainte?”

Jacopo appeared before the beautiful woman with a dissatisfied expression.

Xainte placed her hands on her waist and interrogated him. “Did you steal the spiritual fruits I planted in the yard?”

Jacopo responded nonchalantly. “It’s just a couple of spiritual fruits. What’s the big deal? Uncle Xandros has tons of them. I’m not going to stay here and bicker with you. I haven’t been to Wrymstead in a long while. I’m going to look for Uncle Henry and get him to tell me about Dad’s legendary exploits.”

After speaking, Jacopo disappeared in a flash.

Xainte was at her wits end dealing with her younger brother.

Although Jacopo was a natural prodigy and had great potential, he was incredibly mischevious.n.ovel.ebook Xandros, Silvester, and the other human powerhouses doted on him a lot, and he became a troublemaker. He caused havoc throughout the Three Thousand Worlds.

10,000 years passed since James’ valiant sacrifice.

Many new prodigies appeared on Earth in the past 10,000 years. All of them were waiting for the providence of the Fourth Calamity to appear. However, it had never shown up even after all that time.

Another 30,000 years passed in the blink of an eye.

40,000 years had passed since James’ had died.

Suddenly, there were abnormal changes around Mount Bane, signaling the appearance of the Fourth Calamity’s providence.

Jacopo used the four keys to open the seal and acquired the ultimate providence.

As for what exactly the ultimate providence was, no one aside from Jacopo knew.

After the Earth’s seal was opened, the Three Thousand Worlds’ seals disappeared, and all of its worlds merged with Earth.

The Earth underwent tremendous changes and was gradually divided into Three Dimensions.

After the changes, Earth became a major world containing Three Dimensions, which were divided according to Spiritual Energy.

The intergalactic passageway to Earth was also opened up, and creatures from all over the universe were able to visit Earth.

60,000 years after James’ passing, Jacopo had become a formidable Grand Emperor. novelebook He was the youngest human to become a Grand Emperor.

100,000 years passed in the blink of an eye, and the Earth had become a great and prosperous planet.

As for James, he was gradually forgotten.

Several powerful human cultivators had traveled to the depths of the universe to find James’ tomb, but it had long disappeared without a trace after being swallowed by the turbulence in space a long time ago.


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