The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3269

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3269-James had many questions, but there was no one to answer them.

He wanted push open the coffin lid to leave the tomb.

However, he felt unbearable pain with even the slightest movements.

His body was injured by the Heavenly Path’s power. Although he could regenerate his flesh and blood, the wounds in his bones still remained.


Beads of sweat formed on James’ forehead. He took a deep breath and calmed himself.

James lay in the coffin motionlessly.

He was in great pain and ended up passing out.

After a long time, he gradually regained consciousness. When he woke up, he found that the pain was more tolerable despite the wounds still within his body.

James wanted to push open the coffin lid.

However, Xandros had specifically used a formation around the tomb to prevent it from corroding.

The formation set up by Xandros prevented the tomb from corroding throughout the long years. novelebook In the Dark World, James could not exert much strength nor free himself from the tomb.

James could not sense any strength in his body despite his body being completely regenerated.

Fortunately, he could tell his strength was gradually recovering.

However, he did not know how long it would take for his strength to reach the Divine Rank again.

Lying inside the coffin, James began to wonder how long had passed. He wanted to know whether the remaining Heaven’s Adjudicators were killed and what had happened to humanity.

James could not do anything but lie down inside the coffin.

When he got bored, he began to practice Dark Power.

Then, he studied the Dark Scripture and attempted to cultivate the Dark Ousia that he failed to form in the past.

James began to absorb the Dark Power around him.

The Dark Power seeped through his tomb and gathered in James’ body.

James discovered that the Dark Power within the Dark World was the antithesis of the Heavenly Path’s power.

When the Dark Power entered his body, the pain caused by the injuries from the Heavenly Path was greatly relieved. The wounds in his body also began to recover.

“How is this possible?”

James attempted to find the answer but failed to think of a plausible explanation.

Unable to find an answer, James put the thought away. nove.leboo.k Then, he continued to use the Dark Scripture’s method to absorb the Dark Power to treat his wounds.

At the same time, he also began cultivating to form a Dark Ousia.

James attempted to do so numerous times but always failed.

Although Dark Power could repair the injuries caused by the Heavenly Path, it was at a very slow pace. A single wound took many years to heal.

James’ bones were in bad shape, and it took a very long time to heal.

The injuries slowly recovered over time.

James also doggedly attempted to form the Dark Ousia.

Time continued to pass.

Finally, the last injury in James’ body had been healed.

During these long years, James focused on comprehending Curse Magic and eventually found the answer he sought.

He suspected that the Curse Magic was a cultivation method that originated from the Dark World.

Therefore, he spent a long time trying to comprehend Curse Magic. novelebookEventually, he was inspired by Curse Magic and created a cultivation method that completed the Dark Scripture, allowing him to form a Dark Ousia.

As soon as the last wound on his body was healed, James’ Dark Ousia was formed.


Powerful energy erupted from James’ body, shattering the tomb.

James was finally freed.

However, a terrifying phenomenon happened in the deepest part of the Dark World and the Illuminated Worlds as soon as he broke free.


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