The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3271

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3271-Fortunately, James could sense that the Dark Power in one direction was much stronger than that in the other. Thus, he made a rough guess that the exit to the Illuminated World would be at the end of where the Dark Power was much weaker.

Without any hesitation, he activated the Dark Power in his Dark Ousia. Then, he rushed toward the direction where the Dark Power was weaker.

He took a step forward and disappeared from the area.

Soon, the black mist around James became weaker, and he saw the light ahead.

It did not take long for James to exit the Dark World.

He appeared within the starry space, which looked very chaotic. Many space shifts were present in the area, and violent energy emerged from them.

Fortunately, James’ physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, and the energy in the area could not harm him.

James scanned his surroundings, chose a direction, and stepped forward to leave the chaotic space.

His physical strength was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, and he could tear passages in space. He casually waved his hand and exerted his physical strength to make a void in the space.

Then, he walked through the void and disappeared from the area.

The next moment, James appeared in an unfamiliar place in space.

James’ cultivation rank was relatively low, and he could not comprehend much about Paths. He had no knowledge of the Space Path and could not sense the direction of Earth.

Therefore, he had no choice but to continuously make passages and travel through space.

James traveled through space a few times. Finally, he reached an inhabited world.

The planet could be considered massive. James was unsure what world it was, but he desperately wanted to see other living beings after being trapped inside a coffin for so long.

He stepped through the space and entered the planet.

James’ body kept descending until he appeared outside a city.

The city looked very ancient and had one-hundred-meter-high gates with several lifelike words carved onto them.

“Martial City.”

Seeing the name, James smiled lightly and said, “What a conceited name. Who would dare name a city Martial City?”

There was a lot of traffic going in and out of the city.

James blended into the crowd and entered the city.

The city was lively, and both sides of the streets were full of shops selling all sorts of stuff.

James had been alone for a long time and was excited to see the bustling city with countless living beings.

James murmured, “It feels so good to be alive.”

He walked into a tavern.

There were many creatures in the tavern.

At the forefront, an old man was telling a story.

“One hundred thousand years ago, a human named Thea Callahan sacrificed herself to become the last part of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir to activate its power. After James consumed the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, he engaged in an intense battle with Heaven’s Adjudicators. Eventually, he died in the battle in the deepest part of the universe.

“Thea and James’ great sacrifice earned peace for humanity.”

As soon as James walked into the tavern, he overheard the story.

He froze in place at the tavern’s entrance.


A staff from the tavern called out to James.

James returned to his senses. At that moment, tears welled up in his eyes. He reached his hand to wipe the tears. Then, he walked over to the storyteller at the forefront of the tavern.

“What did you just say? Could you repeat the story?”

The old man sitting at the front looked up at James.

As soon as he saw James, he seemed as if he just witnessed something terrifying and fell off his chair in fear.


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