The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3272

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3272-The old man was a human.

During James’ fight against Heaven’s Adjudicators a hundred thousand years ago, the old man was only a cultivator at the Sage Rank. However, the whole universe was watching the battle.

James’ face was already engraved in the minds of many humans.


The old man hurriedly got up from the ground. He tried to reply but kept stuttering.

James grabbed him and disappeared from the tavern in a flash.

The next moment, they arrived in a deserted place outside the city.

James put down the old man.

“J-James Caden? It’s you, right? Y-You’re still alive?”

The old man’s voice trembled.

“Repeat the story to me.”

James stared at the old man with teary eyes and asked, “D-Did you say Thea turned into the last part of the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?”

The old man was startled.

Everyone knew that happened a hundred thousand years ago. Could James really still be in the dark?

Thinking that James had already died in the battle a hundred thousand years ago, he immediately dismissed the possibility that the man before him was James.

Despite concluding it could not be James, the man before him was still incredibly powerful. The old man knew he did not stand a chance and chose to reply truthfully to his question, “Yeah. It was announced by the Human Realm’s Lord, Xandros. He wanted all of humanity to remember James and Thea. If not for Thea’s sacrifice to complete the Ancestral God Rank Elixir for James to consume, the human race would’ve ceased to exist back then.”

After hearing the old man’s confirmation, James froze in place as if he were struck by lightning.

His mind went black, and he completely zoned out.

By the time he recomposed himself, the old man had already left.

“Thea… turned into the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?”

James choked up and was in disbelief.


James took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Then, he comforted himself, saying, “That can’t be true. It’s impossible. How could Thea be the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?”

Since James wanted to clarify the matter, he quickly left the unfamiliar world.

He knew that Earth’s Fourth Calamity was over and that the providence had already appeared. After Earth’s seal was lifted, the intergalactic passageway would open up.

The intergalactic passageway connected several larger worlds in the universe.

A few smaller worlds could use the intergalactic passageway to enter larger worlds, whereas the larger worlds were interconnected.

James left through the intergalactic passageway of the planet and arrived in a larger world.

After making a few trips, he finally reached Earth.

James stood in a city on Earth and sensed his surroundings. After using his Divine Sense, he could tell the Earth had gone through drastic changes.

Earth had been divided into Three Dimensions.

Each dimension was vast and had large areas.

James exerted his True Energy to form a mask over his face.

It was a silver-white mask that covered the upper half of his face.

James learned that he was currently in the weakest dimension on Earth, the Mortal Dimension. The Dimensions were divided by cultivation ranks. Those that lived in the Mortal Dimension were likely cultivators below the Sage Rank.

James began to sense Earth.

The entire world was under his perception.

Earth’s area was incredibly vast, several times larger than before. There were many unfamiliar places on Earth. Despite that, James still managed to sense Sol and Wyrmstead’s locations.

Although Sol and Wyrmstead’s areas had expanded significantly, he could still locate them.



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