The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3275

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3275-At that moment, Melinda stepped forward and looked at James. She started tearing up, and those tears rolled down her cheeks. She walked toward James and stood right in front of him.

“I’m glad you’re still alive, James.”

James looked at Melinda and asked, “You were reincarnated from the Primeval Age, right? What exactly is going on? Is Thea dead or alive?”

Melinda shook her head slightly and said, “The Thea in this age is indeed just a soul fragment. It’s true that the soul fragment that formed the Thea you know is already dead. As for whether her main body is alive, I’m not sure either.”

“You’re not sure?”

Melinda explained, “You can go and verify it for yourself.”

Puzzled, James asked, “Verify it myself? How?”

Melinda replied, “You have the Time Capsule.”

James immediately understood her words. He could use the Time Capsule to travel through time and return to the Primeval Age.

However, it was easier said than done.

When Xandros activated the Time Capsule, it only brought them back a hundred thousand years into the past. Even though he possessed the Time Capsule and could pass through the River of Time, returning to the Primeval Age would be tough.

“Have you ever seen me in the Primeval Age?” asked James.

James felt that Melinda was strange ever since they met. Even though they had not known each other for long, she seemed to know him well.

However, Melinda did not explain much.

Everything that she had experienced was non-existent to James.

Melinda would be revealing Heaven’s secret in advance if she were to tell him about it. As a result, she would be stained by Karma and unable to bear the consequences even if she were a Quasi Ancestral God.

“Dad! Dad!!!”

A sudden cry came from outside the main hall.

James turned around and saw a man and woman rushing toward the main hall.

He immediately recognized the woman to be Xainte.

On the other hand, the handsome man wore a white robe and looked somewhat similar to him.

“Is it really you, Dad?” Xainte looked at James with shock and disbelief.

Jacopo also stared at James.

Since he was a child, he had heard many of his father’s legendary stories. From what he heard in the past hundred thousand years, his father died in battle. However, James was standing before him, perfectly fine.

“Are you my father?”

Jacopo observed James.

“You’re…” James was surprised to see Jacopo.

Xandros explained, “He’s your son, Jacopo Caden. Thea gave him the name. Back then, Thea used her Divine Energy to speed up the pregnancy and give birth to Jacopo in advance.”

“My son.”

James called out, walked over, and patted Jacopo’s shoulders. Finally, he had a smile on his face.

Jacopo called out to him as well, “Dad.”

“You’re already a fine young man and a Grand Emperor.”

James looked at him proudly. Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “What about Winnie? Where’s Winnie? Why isn’t she here?”

Hearing this, everyone in the hall fell silent.

James looked at Xandros and asked, “Where’s Winnie? What happened to Winnie?

Xandros replied solemnly, “After you died in that battle, Winnie disintegrated her Scythe of Judgement into shards of the Heaven’s Law and killed the remaining Heaven’s Adjudicators. After that, she disappeared. I don’t know if she left or if her soul dissipated.”

Everything that happened back then was too sudden.

Xandros only caught a glimpse of Winnie dismantling the Scythe of Judgement and disappearing into thin air.

As for if she ceased to exist or simply left, Xandros was not sure either.

“Winnie is an Ancestral God. I’m sure she won’t die so easily.”

James could only comfort himself.


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