The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3277

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3277-Xandros knew James was determined to make Jacopo the Human Realm’s Lord. He frowned slightly and said, “James, the Human Realm’s Lord isn’t an easy title to hold. Many duties come with it. If I pass on the title to Jacopo, it’ll be equivalent to handing him the entire Human Race. Do you think he can manage all the humans well?”

“Aren’t you all still here to help?” James replied calmly, “Decree it right now and announce that you’ve passed the title of the Human Realm’s Lord to my son.”


Xandros hesitated. It was not that he did not want to let go of the power, but there were many things to consider. Jacopo was indeed a powerhouse, but he might not necessarily be capable of managing the Human Realm and the Heavenly Court yet.

Although the Human Realm was now prosperous, there were many Foreigners secretly eyeing it.

“Give me a few days to think about this, James.”

Xandros rubbed his temples.


James did not pressure Xandros anymore.

He put away the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. Then, he pulled Jacopo and Xainte out of the Heavenly Court’s main hall.

After James left, a commotion burst out in the main hall.

“James is outrageous!”

“What does he take the position of the Human Realm’s Lord for? It’s not a responsibility just anyone can take up.”

“Although the Human Race is indebted to James, you must not give in to him, Lord Tegan. If you hand over the position now, chaos will break out in the Human Realm.”

“I agree, Lord Tegan. Please make a wise decision.”

The powerhouses in the main hall began to advise Xandros.

Inside the main hall were two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors.

These two super powerhouses were also secretly interested in the position of the Human Realm’s Lord.

Xandros said solemnly, “That’s enough for now. You’re all dismissed. I’ll think about it.”

After Xandros finished speaking, he turned around and left the main hall.

A palace was situated at the peak of the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension.

The palace was Jacopo’s accommodation named Jacopo Palace, which Xandros specially built for him.

Inside a room in the palace, Jacopo asked, “What are you doing, Dad? The moment you come back, you demand the position of the Human Realm’s Lord?”

Jacopo was not interested in becoming the Human Realm’s Lord.

James replied solemnly, “Don’t you know how much our family has contributed to the survival of humanity?

“I resolved all Four Calamities. Without me, humans would’ve been extinct a long time ago. Without your mother’s sacrifice, there would be no Human Realm.

“The position of the Human Realm’s Lord must be held by a member of our family.”

James was not greedy for power or wealth.

However, the position of the Human Realm’s Lord was too dazzling.

He did not want the benefits of his efforts to be enjoyed by someone else.

James looked at Xainte and asked, “What do you think, Xainte?”

After a brief thought, Xainte said, “Although the Heavenly Court seems peaceful on the outside, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. There are two Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors in the Heavenly Court. They both survived from the Primeval Age and have been hiding for a long time to avoid the calamities.

“Now that the human race’s calamities are over, they’re secretly building their forces. Even if you didn’t show up, it wouldn’t be long before they rebel and try to overthrow Xandros.

“I support you, Dad. However, others might not necessarily stand with you. For Jacopo to obtain the position, we have to win the support of more of the other human powerhouses.”


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