The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3285

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3285-Helvius walked into the main hall and asked respectfully, “Is there something wrong?”

Silvester asked, “How many members do we have at the Grand Emperor Rank?”

Helvius replied, “About a hundred. We used to have a lot more, but many joined the Heavenly Court in the Human Realm after its establishment.”

Silvester immediately ordered, “Summon all of them.”

Startled, Helvius asked, “What’s the matter, Old Master?”

Silvester said smilingly, “James has returned and wants to seize the position as the Heavenly Court’s Lord. Naturally, I’m going to support him.”

Helvius exclaimed, “J-James? Are you talking about the James that died in the battle against Heaven’s Adjudicators a hundred thousand years ago?”

Silvester nodded and said, “Yeah.”

“Alright! I’ll go gather our powerful members immediately.” Helvius left without any hesitation.

Soon, the Grand Emperors and powerhouses of the Elixir Pavilion were gathered in the main hall.

These Grand Emperors chose to stay in the Elixir Pavilion because they were focused on their cultivation and had no desire for power.

Monica was also among them.

For the past one hundred thousand years, Monica had stayed in the Elixir Pavilion and earnestly practiced Elemental Inversion. Her strength improved rapidly over the years. One hundred thousand years later, she finally became a Grand Emperor.

Monica asked, “What’s the matter, Old Master? Did something happen?”

Sitting in the highest seat, Silvester stroked his white beard and asked, “If James returned and wanted to seize the position as the Lord of the Heavenly Court, would you guys support him?”


Monica was thrilled. She stood a few steps forward and asked excitedly, “What did you say, Old Master? Are you saying James is back?”

Jules was also shocked by the news and asked, “Didn’t Mr. Caden die in the deepest part of the universe a hundred thousand years ago? Is he still alive?”

Silvester nodded and said, “That’s right. James is still alive, and he just visited me. He wants to be the Heavenly Court’s Lord. I summoned everyone here to seek your opinions on whether you’re willing to support him. If you support him, you’ll be standing against the Heavenly Court.”

At that moment, one of the Elixir Pavilion’s elders stepped forward and said, “I’ll definitely support him! In my heart, James is the Human Race’s Lord. What has Xandros done for humanity to deserve the position? What gives him the right to be the Human Race’s Lord?”

“I’ll also support James.”

Many of the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses expressed their opinions.

“Very well.”

Satisfied by their answers, Silvester said, “If that’s the case, let’s depart to Earth and wait for James’ further instructions.”


Afterward, Silvester led over a hundred Grand Emperors and powerhouses of the Elixir Pavilion to the Human Realm, Earth.

Meanwhile, a discussion was taking place in a palace in the Divine Dimension on Earth.

The palace was Yehuda’s accommodation and was named Yehuda Palace.

“This is the perfect chance, Grand Priest Yehuda.”

Yehuda sat in a chair and rested with his eyes closed. He looked to be in his forties and was wearing a white robe.

An old man stood beside him and kept expressing his opinions.

“James has declared his stance against the Heavenly Court. He’ll start to recruit powerhouses to fight against the Heavenly Court. You should use this opportunity to overthrow Xandros and kill James. Then, you’ll become the Heavenly Court’s Lord.”

Yehuda opened his eyes, and a strange glow emerged from his eyes.

He replied gently, “The situation in the Heavenly Court is very complicated. There’s Xandros’ faction, and now we have James’ faction. Besides, there’s Connor Landon as well. Although he doesn’t bother with the Heavenly Court’s affairs, I’m sure he joined the Heavenly Court for the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord too.”


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