The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3286

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3286-Yehuda was a very low-key powerhouse.

He had achieved significant accomplishments in his cultivation during the Primordial Age. Back then, he was already a powerhouse. The Demon Race had gained insight that the Heavenly Path would target the Human Race, so they started a war against the humans first.

Many creatures in the universe got involved in the battle.

Countless Grand Emperors participated in the fight and died. A few humans betrayed the Human Race and turned to the Demon Race.

There were also a few that were afraid to die and hid themselves to survive the war.

Yehuda was one of those that chose to hide.

After avoiding the battle, he devoted his time to cultivating and eventually became a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. However, it was the highest rank he could reach, and he could no longer advance even a single bit.

After Earth’s Four Calamities were over, he saw the hope of making another breakthrough in his cultivation rank.

His plan was to become the Human Race’s Lord and gain the blessings bestowed upon the Human Race.

After he joined the Heavenly Court, he secretly recruited powerhouses to join him. It had been tens of thousands of years, and there were currently many powerhouses under him.

He thought for a while and replied, “There’s no need to rush. Let’s see how the fight between Xandros and James goes. We should hold back while they go at each other.”

“Is there something you’re worried about, Grand Priest Yehuda?”

“Of course. Melinda is a Quasi Ancestral God. If she were to support James, how would I compete with him?”

“I’ll look for Melinda and try to win her over to our side.”

“Go ahead.”

Yehuda lightly waved his hand, then closed his eyes again.

Since James’ declaration to overthrow Xandros, the Heavenly Court had been in chaos. Yehuda and Connor seized the opportunity to begin recruiting powerhouses to establish their own forces.

A storm was about to break out in the Heavenly Court.

Meanwhile, Silvester had brought over a hundred powerhouses to Earth.

The powerhouses temporarily stayed on Earth and waited for James’ subsequent arrangements.

On the other hand, James arrived at the Boundless Realm’s Aqua Realm.

He came to look for Winnie.

James refused to believe that Winnie was dead.

Winnie was an Ancestral God and would never be in a position where she had to sacrifice her life to kill three of Heaven’s Adjudicators.

James arrived at the black palace in the Aqua Realm, which had been Winnie’s seclusion sanctuary in the past.

The palace was still in the same spot and was surrounded by formations.


After arriving outside the palace, James called out, and his voice resounded throughout the area.

No one responded to him, and the surroundings remained quiet.

“Are you inside, Winnie?

“It’s Dad. I’m back!”

James kept calling out for Winnie.

However, he did not get a response even after shouting a few times.

“Could Winnie have really…”

James’ face filled with sorrow. He did not believe Winnie died but did not know where else she could have gone.

He turned around in disappointment.

Just as he was about to leave, the black palace gate opened, and a woman walked out.

The woman wore a plain, white dress and had long, black hair.

She called out lightly, “Dad.”

James immediately turned around. Seeing the woman, he rushed over with a smile, shouting, “It’s you, Winnie! I’m so glad you’re still alive!”

Winnie’s face was pale, and it looked like she was seriously ill.

“Wh-What’s wrong?” James noticed something was wrong with her.

Winnie replied, “I’m a sinner.”


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