The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3289

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3289-James hesitated for a bit but then disappeared from the place with a flash.

In the next moment, he was already outside Yehuda Palace.

There were many guards at the palace gate.

These bodyguards were relatively strong. To serve as Yehuda Palace’s guard, one had to be at least at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage.

“Stop right there!”

As soon as James approached, he was blocked by the guards.

The guards recognized James.

However, they did not show him any respect.

“James, this is the Grand Priest Yehuda’s residence. It’s not a place you can visit as you please. Get lost.”

One of the guards chased James away.

All of them knew that James was the hero that saved humankind.

However, they also knew that James only acquired the power of an Ancestral God after consuming the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

Now that his strength as an Ancestral God was gone, James’ cultivation rank was relatively low. Compared to the Grand Priest Yehuda, James was nothing.

James stood at the palace gate and said with a bright smile, “Go report that James has come to visit.”

“Wait right here,” One of the guards said before walking into the palace.

James was in no rush and waited patiently at the gate.

In the main hall of Yehuda Palace, a man that looked in his forties sat in a lotus position with his eyes closed. Mysterious inscriptions revolved around him, and a powerful aura erupted from his body.

A guard walked into the main hall and reported, “Grand Priest, James has come to visit.”

Yehuda replied softly without even opening his eyes, “Let him in.”


The guard left the main hall.

After waiting for a while, the guard came to the gate and led James into the palace.

James was brought into the main hall and immediately saw Yehuda, who was still cultivating.

Yehuda looked relatively young and did not seem like someone who had lived for a very long time.

Yehuda stopped cultivating and slowly stood up. He looked at James and smiled faintly.

“I wasn’t expecting you, James.”

James clasped his fists and said smilingly, “It’s a pleasure to see you, Grand Priest Yehuda.”

Yehuda said, “A seat for my guest.”

A few beautiful servants walked over with a chair immediately.

James did not hold back and made himself comfortable.

Yehuda sat in the highest seat and asked, “What brings you here?”

James went straight to the point. “You’re aware that I’ve declared war against Xandros and want to overthrow him, right? I came to ask for your help to acquire the position as the Lord of the Heavenly Court.”

“Haha,” Yehuda chuckled and asked, “What makes you think I have the power to help you?”

James replied with a smile, “You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

Yehuda waved his hand lightly and said, “Please leave. I won’t help anyone fight for the position of the Heavenly Court’s Lord.”

James stood up, clasped his hands, and said, “That would be great as well. Thank you. As long as you don’t help Xandros, I’m sure I can overthrow him.”

James turned around and left.

He did not really expect Yehuda to help and was simply doing it for show.

Yehuda was a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor and was one of the strongest in the universe. Moreover, he was also eyeing the position, so he definitely would not agree to help.

After James left, the smile on Yehuda’s face gradually disappeared.


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