The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3295

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3295-“Once I agree to the terms of the Fiend and Demon Realms to suppress the other races, many of them will be eradicated. However, they won’t truly die off as a race. Some of them who possess immense potential will rise from the ashes. By then, only three races will remain in this universe. Even so, the Fiend and Demon Realms will not sit idly by. Or to be more precise, Radomir won’t allow things to stay this way. He’ll secretly stir up conflict and instigate us three races to fight to become the number-one race of this universe.”

Melinda nodded.

“An excellent analysis. Unless another Macrocosm Ancestral God emerges, Radomir will keep creating trouble. He might even sacrifice the entire era. To him, this is a better option compared to the destruction of the universe.”

Melinda took a deep breath and said, “Honestly, I understand where he’s coming from. As the Macrocosm Ancestral God, he’s required to put the interests of the universe above all else.”

James fell into deep thought. After some time, he asked, “What should I do, then? If I agree to the terms of the Demon and Fiend Realms, won’t be we heading down the path Radomir wants us to go?”

Melinda glanced at him and returned the question, “Do you really think that you have the strength to go against his wishes? If you turn down the Demon and Fiend Realms’ offer, they may band together and attack the Human Race. The Human Race will suffer.”


James said, “Even if we abide by Radomir’s wishes, the Human, Demon, and Fiend Realms will eventually turn against each other.”

Melinda said, “That’s why time is of the essence. In this limited time, the Human Race should produce as many powerful figures as possible to overwhelm the other two realms. That way, even if we turn against each other, the Human Race won’t be defeated. You might even overwhelm the other two races and become the sole ruler of this universe.”

James rubbed his temples.

The Human and Demon Races suffered great casualties after the battle in the Primordial Age. Only the Fiend Race’s strength remained intact. Surpassing them would be nigh impossible. Although James did not know what powerful figures were among the Fiend Race, he had heard of the Ten Primordial Fiends.

“My head hurts.” James sighed.

Melinda said, “When the Human Race becomes the leader of all races once more, humankind will enter a golden age. Many prodigies will be born. Their cultivation speed will be extraordinary, and they’ll become Grand Emperors in a short period of time. With sufficient time, the Human Race will surely emerge victorious against all odds.”

“So, you support Radomir’s decision?” James looked at Melinda.

Melinda shrugged. “We have no other way.”

“I know what I have to do.” James nodded.

Back then, he was at a loss. Now, he knew what had to be done.

However, he got an idea after conversing with Melinda. Since everything was destined to happen, he might as well follow Radomir’s wishes. That was the only way for the Human Race to gain time. Otherwise, if the Demon and Fiend Realms banded together, the Human Race would not stand a chance against them. Regardless, he had his concerns. Based on his original plan, after resolving the internal affairs of the Human Race, he would use the Time Capsule and return to the Primeval Age in search of Thea. In retrospect, the internal affairs of the Human Race were insignificant when compared to the rest. Once Jacopo ascended the throne, would he be capable of commanding the Human Race and resisting the other two realms? This was James’ main concern.

“I’ll be taking my leave.”

James stood up. After bidding farewell to Melinda, he turned to leave. When he reappeared, he was already in Wyrmstead. This time, James went looking for Jacopo.

In the courtyard, James looked at Jacopo. Wearing a grim expression, he asked, “Jacopo, are you ready to shoulder the fate of the Human Race?”


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