The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3296

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3296-Someone had to shoulder the fate of the Human Race. In the past, James led the Human Race against the Four Calamities and brought about a golden age. However, the peace that was brought about was superficial. As such, he hoped that Jacopo would shoulder the responsibility.


With an unwilling look on his face, Jacopo said, “I don’t want to be the Lord of the Human Race. Why can’t Xandros continue being the Lord? He’s managing everything in order.”

James fell into deep thought.

He was contemplating whether to tell Jacopo the truth. Though Jacopo was already a Grand Emperor, he was but an immature brat in James’ eyes.

“Jacopo, things aren’t as simple as they seem. It’s complicated out there, and the Human Race needs a leader. I can’t show myself because I need to search for your mother. So, I’ll have to leave this in your hands.”

Jacopo fell silent.

James continued, “Don’t worry. You’ll understand why I did this when you’re older. Now, all you need to do is to prepare to become the next Lord of the Human Race. You’ll understand the rest in the future.”

James did not say much. After saying that, he turned to leave and went searching for Henrik and Qusai, who were cultivating in the Human Realm.

“I’m on board,” said James.

“Good.” Delighted, Henrik said, “I’ll relay your message to the Demon Realm. My master will send powerful figures to help you unite the Human Race.”

Qusai chimed in, “The Fiend Race will provide you the support as well.”

“Sure.” James nodded.

He remained in Wyrmstead for the next few days. Over that short period of time, the Fiend and Demon Races sent powerful figures to Wyrmstead, which was in the Human Race’s Mortal Dimension. This time, the Demon Realm sent some extremely powerful figures who had been in seclusion. They had sensed Heaven’s secret and realized that this was the only way for them to cross into the Ancestral God Rank.

The Demon Realm sent a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor, who was the Grand Patriarch of the Azurean Clan and also Marcello’s ancestor.

The Heavenly Path had forbidden him from crossing into the Ancestral God Rank. However, the leakage of Heaven’s secret gave him new hope. Hence, he came out of seclusion and showed up. Meanwhile, the Fiend Realm mobilized an entire army led by Qusai’s father, the Supreme Fiend Lord, and appeared on Earth. However, they infiltrated Earth silently and surreptitiously.

James was displeased upon noticing their infiltration. However, he could say nothing.

The powerhouses had all arrived in the Mortal Dimension, and everything James needed was in place.

A month after James’ falling out with Xandros…

Hundreds of Grand Emperors gathered in Wyrmstead, which was in the Mortal Dimension of Earth. Armed with weapons, they exuded a terrifying aura.

Standing in the middle, James said with a grim expression, “We must emerge victorious. We have to annihilate Xandros and seize the Cumulus Palace!”

“Kill them all!”

Their deafening voices rang in unison.

James gazed at the sky, and a radiant sword appeared.


He casually waved his hand, and the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword pierced through the clouds of the Mortal Dimension into the Divine Dimension. Then, James and the others soared into the sky and charged straight toward the Divine Dimension.


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