The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3298

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3298-Excalibur was the sword of the Jade Emperor in the Primordial Age and was a symbol of power. This sword possessed immense power and was only weaker than an Ancestral God Weapon.

Throughout history, many eras and ages had come to an end. However, not all living beings would perish. The death of an era merely meant the transition from a golden age into a dark age. All powerful figures who survived would conceal themselves in the shadows.

Xandros summoned Excalibur, and his body exuded a powerful aura.

“James, let’s battle in outer space.”

“As you wish,” James said.

This was the Human Realm, and Xandros was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor. If he went all-out, he would surely cause great destruction. It was something that the Human Race could not withstand.

Xandros flew out of Earth and the solar system and arrived at a planet devoid of life in the Milky Way.

“Let’s go,” James said.

Then, many powerful figures charged out of Earth together.

In outer space, James, Silvester, Helvius, and many others surrounded Xandros.

Everyone was watching the battle closely, for the victor would be the next Lord of the Human Race.

Upon James’ appearance, Xandros spoke to him through telepathy.

“James, all preparations have been made. I must die here.”

James remained silent.

Xandros continued, “I will reincarnate with the memory I have now. When I die, my followers should submit to you. I will leave the fate of humankind in your hands. I will be back tens of thousands of years in the future.”

Xandros’ voice sounded in James’ mind.


James remained silent and pointed his sword at Xandros. Though this was an act, it was also a true battle. Faced with many powerful figures, Xandros performed every trick up his sleeves. The heavens trembled, and the earth shook.

In the end, Xandros perished on the battlefield. Meanwhile, James and the others suffered some injuries. After the battle, James and the others returned to Earth and the Heavenly Court in the Divine Dimension.

Hundreds of Grand Emperors were stationed outside the Heavenly Court.

Dragging his feet, James entered the Heavenly Court. Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, he walked toward the throne and took a seat. Gazing at the crowd, he said, “Xandros Tegan is dead. From today onward, the Cadens shall be the new ruler of the Human Race.”

His voice boomed.

“Does anyone oppose this?”

Though there were many powerful figures present, none spoke up. Since even Xandros was annihilated, they would surely lose their lives if they stepped forward.

“Since everyone’s in agreement, you’re all dismissed. I’ll choose a date for the coronation of my son, Jacopo, who will become the new Lord of the Human Race.”

James’ voice boomed.

“I’m against this.”

Yehuda stepped forward.

Seeing this, a faint smile crept up on James’ face.

“What are you trying to say, Yehuda?”

Yehuda glanced at James and said, “Even if we need a new ruler on the throne, the Cadens have no right to assume power.”

“What do you have in mind?” James asked.

Yehuda looked at the crowd and said, “Everyone, the position of the Lord of the Human Race is an extremely significant one. The Human Race isn’t invincible against the Fiend and Demon Realms. Can the Cadens protect all of humankind when they assume power? Though I’m not a perfect man, I’m nonetheless a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. Who would dare attack us with me at the helm?”


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