The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3300

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3300-Yehuda and Connor were not fools. Although they had been eyeing the throne for some time, they knew they could only compromise as they lacked the strength to fight against the Fiend and Demon Realms. Originally, James planned to annihilate Yehuda and Connor. However, circumstances had changed. These two were Ninth Heaven Grand Emperors. In the future, the Fiend and Demon Realms would surely band together and attack the Human Race. Keeping them alive would be in the interest of the Human Race.

“Alright now, you’re dismissed.”

James waved slightly.

The Supreme Fiend Lord and the Azurean Clan’s Grand Patriarch turned to leave. They only came here to intimidate James’ opponents. After the powerful figures of the Fiend and Demon Realms left, the others in the main hall gradually left. Soon, only James remained in the main hall.

Shortly after, Jacopo walked in. Looking at James who was in deep contemplation on the throne, he said with a hint of displeasure, “Are you satisfied now?”

James glanced at him and said coldly, “Get ready for the coronation.”

As he said that, he turned to leave.

James went to Melinda’s accommodation to look for her.

Seeing that James was filled with consternation, Melinda knew that he was concerned about the future of the Human Race. He must have been worried that Yehuda and Connor would be up to no good after he spared them.

“What should I do, Melinda? Did I make the right decision by pardoning them?” James asked.

After some contemplation, Melinda said, “They want to become the Lord of the Human Race because they see it as an opportunity to cross into the Ancestral God Rank.”


James said, “They chose to compromise because they fear the Fiend and Demon Realms. Once the three realms band together and finish conquering the other races, we’ll surely have a falling out. I’m worried that Jacopo won’t be able to deal with these matters once I’m gone.”

Melinda was deep in thought. At present, there was nothing she could do. Not being able to learn anything from her, James turned to leave and returned to the main hall. Sitting on the throne, he gazed straight ahead.

Right then, he heard footsteps. James turned around and saw a woman walking in. The woman had long, black hair and wore a green dress. She was gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. Looking at James, she was unable to conceal her excitement and disbelief.


James stood up abruptly.

The woman was none other than Sophie, who had offered him guidance in the past.

“I-Is it really you?”

Sophie showed up in the main hall and gazed at James in disbelief. Even her voice was shaky. She had seen James die with her own eyes. Upon her return, she specifically went to James’ tombstone to pay her respects before leaving to explore the universe. Hearing that James had returned and become the Lord of the Human Race, she came in a hurry.

Looking at the familiar yet distant Sophie, James smiled. “You’re finally back, Sophie. I’ve been through a lot while you were gone.”

Unable to conceal her joy, Sophie nodded and said, “I heard. However, I don’t know much about what happened. I’m just glad that you’re alive.”

Unable to suppress the urge any longer, she leaped into James’ embrace and hugged him tightly. Throughout the time they spent together, James had unknowingly become an important person to her. Upon hearing of his death, she was distraught and lost the will to live. It was only then that she realized how important James was to her.

James froze.

Then, he hugged her.


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