The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3305

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3305-The Time Capsule’s power depleted at an alarming rate. James hurriedly catalyzed his own power to sustain the Time Capsule’s power. In the meantime, the Elemental Inversion Formation inside his body was completely activated, frantically absorbing the power contained in the River of Time to replenish his lost energy. However, this replenishment rate could not compare to the depletion of the Time Capsule’s power. Now, James could no longer care less and could only take one step at a time.

The power inside his body was slowly being depleted. Soon, his power was completely depleted. Without the replenishment of his own energy, the Time Capsule gradually turned grim, showing signs of disintegrating.

However, in the nick of time, an immense power came from inside the Time Capsule and accelerated James’ speed. The further he went, the more discomfort he felt in his physical body. Now, there were scars on the surface of his skin. Demonic Energy materialized from within his body and rejuvenated his injuries.

Initially, James could still withstand the pressure brought about by the River of Time. Now, however, he could no longer resist the pressure, and he was covered in injuries all over his body. Moreover, these were no ordinary injuries, but injuries of the Heavenly Path. They were similar to the ones James suffered during his battle against Heaven’s Adjudicators. Countless shapeless blades appeared in the River of Time and slashed James, leaving behind devastating wounds.

His consciousness blurred, and he passed out eventually. Even so, the Time Capsule continued to propel him against the tide. When the Time Capsule’s power was completely depleted, a fissure appeared in the River of Time. Covered in injuries all over his body, James left the River of Time.

Appearing in the sky of an unknown world, he plummeted from the sky and crashed heavily to the ground and into a mountain range. Then, he passed out, not knowing that he had left the River of Time.

The Primeval Age was a golden age full of prodigies at the Grand Emperor and Ancestral God Rank. This age also had clear boundaries between the Seven Realms.

The sound of footsteps could be heard in a forest.

“Miss, is there really a Primordial Pulse in the Sakatch Mountains?” a voice asked.

A melodious voice answered, “There must be. This treacherous place is full of demons and fiends. According to the records of our clan’s ancient texts, our Grand Patriarch once came here 3000 Epochs ago and encountered a Primordial Pulse. However, back then, the Primordial Pulse was occupied by a group of powerful demons. I’m fully prepared this time to annihilate them. When I finally occupy this Primordial Pulse, I can cultivate three Ousias.”

One of the women stopped and looked straight ahead. Behind her was a group of armed and armor-clad soldiers. Each of them was at least at the Grand Emperor Rank.

“What is that?”

The woman looked at James, who was buried in the dirt.

She was wearing a green dress and was stunningly gorgeous. Puzzled, she approached James. Then, she saw James lying on the ground.


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